Many of us have a big problem but we have no one to tell us. The other day, on my way back from class, I bumped into a friend I used to be really close to months back. ‘Hi!’, ‘Hi’, finish. That was all. We didn’t say anything more. I got back to my room … Continue reading Phases


Why I Will Never Cheat Again

As the orderlies closed on her, Hayley  fought the idea that this was going to be the end of her freedom. And just as she was about to stop running and surrender to the bastards, she saw an opening in the corner of the street. Hope She tore through the rubble and dusted the ashes … Continue reading Why I Will Never Cheat Again

How To Get That Guy Of Your Dreams FAST

Naturally, I should start by greeting you guys and giving you a lowdown of a bunch of crap you really don't care about. Like how school has been extremely stressful, how my lecturers possess no atom of chill, how life generally has been making me change most of my plans, how I barely have any … Continue reading How To Get That Guy Of Your Dreams FAST

All Guys are the same??!

'All guys are the same'. To be honest, my heart does a backflip anytime I hear women say this. It's quite unfair how they generalize after one guy messes up. The fact that one guy did something bad or hurtful to you doesn't mean ALL guys would do the same thing. And cos of this … Continue reading All Guys are the same??!