The Dysfunctional QnA

I’m sorta amazed at the way a bunch of you reason. Not so long ago, I told you guys I was going to do a QnA post and so I asked you to send your questions to me. Day one, after I asked you guys to send me questions, I checked my twitter mentions, checked my twitter direct messages, and my mail. There was nothing there :(. I wasn’t so shocked cos it was still kind of early. Day two came and I went about the same procedure. Again, there was nothing. I was pained. I was athirst for questions on the third day but again, there was nothing. I expected more from my readers. I wanted to make a pain post but I calmed down and killed the thought.
On the fourth day, with a little level of expectation, I checked my mail and twitter and what do you know, there were questions. I was elated and excited initially up until I got to some kinds of questions. I saw all sorts of questions brethren.
It would be stupid if I don’t show you the questions so I’m going to be doing that. And I promised a QnA soooo…..
Now the questions are going to be in ascending order, from the least crazy to the highest. Here we go:

Q – What made you start your blog?
A – Someone close to me told me I could write and told me to check out a blog THIS . I checked it out and it inspired me to start my own.

Q – Whats your favorite color?
A – Orange

Q – What’s your favorite series?
A – Revenge

Q – What’s your favorite movie?
A – The Dictator

Q – What football club(s) do you support?
A – FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC

Q – What’s your favorite font?
A – Really?? -___- My favorite font is my handwriting

Q – Are you single?
A – Naah, I’m plural.

Q – What’s an embarrassing moment that has happened more than twice?
A – One of my best questions. Well, on countless occasions, I push doors that clearly say pull, and pull doors that clearly say push.

Q – What is Sinzu?
A – Sinzu is Sinzu

Q – What is your favorite food?
A – Anything ketchup goes with

Q – Your view on fame?
A – I don’t feel I need to be famous, I just need famous people to know me

Q – If you were to come across a new color, what would you name it?
A – Fanfo

Q – The square root of 69 is
A – I didn’t do mathematics in primary school

Q – Say you we’re a girl, what would your name be?
A – Simple, Shovelina

Q – Why do you say ‘female’ instead of ‘girl’?
A – It seems more professional

Q – What is the color of your bum bum?
A – Green -_-

Q – If you are president for a day, what’s the first thing you’ll do?
A – Errr…… Chill in the presidential kitchen and eat life.

Q – How often do you shave your pubic hair?
A – Once every four years

Q – How did you get the name ‘Shovel’?
A – summary – I called a friend a name and he called me Shovel

Q – Who is your favorite artiste?
A – Justin Bieber

Q – If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Why?
A – To be honest, I dunno, I just smile and pretend I understand anytime I hear it

Q – What’s your biggest secret?
A – I shouldn’t tell you this but……………….. I’m actually the real James Bond

Q – John buys 302 apples and gives 291 away. Since he has 11 apples left, what is the cure to HIV/AIDS?
A – LMAO the cure is in the 145th apple

Q – If Davido releases another Skelewu video, what will happen?
A – Michael Jackson will resurrect, slap him and die again

Q – How is FIFA 14 to you?
A – It’s oily

Q – Where do you see Aaron Ramsey in the next two years?
A – I believe Real Madrid will buy him for 4672728m

Q – If Kim and Kanye have another child, what will his or her name be?
A – South West

Q – What do you think about Miley Cyrus’ sudden change?
A – I prefer her like this

Q – Why is water transparent?
A – Google It please 🙂

A fellow blogger asked me these:
Q – If Moin-Moin costs 50 naira, how much does Moin cost?
A – In honest truth, I fell Moin should cost 25 naira

Q – When A Tree Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?
A – Yep, Gbisssshhhhh

Q – You Wake Up And Mysteriously Find A Dick In Your Butt. Do You Take It or Leave It?
A – I sleep back

Q – In Almost All Of Sarkodie’s Songs, He Says “You Know Say Money No Be Problem.” What IS The Problem If It’s Not Money?
A – The problem is that his vocabulary is not wide

Q – With Global Warming, Corruption, Hunger And Poverty Striking Many Parts Of The World, What Is Your Opinion On The Rising Price Of Condoms?
A – You are mad

Q – With Geico, 15 Minutes Could Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance. What About The Remaining 85%?
A – The remaining 85% appears in Miley Cyrus’ bum bum

Q – For A Long Time, This Question Has Been Perplexing Me, Millions Of Other People, And Sisqo Especially. Who Let The Dogs Out?
A – Sisqo actually let the dogs out. He made the song to distract us from suspecting him.

Q – How Do You Explain How To Discern Your Left From Your Right To A Blind Person?
A – Stab him in his right hand and shit in his left hand. Tell his the hand with shit is the left and the stabbed hand is the right, simple.

Q – What Color Is Water?
A – Water Color

That’s all I’m answering. If you have any more questions, find a way to get at me. You’re strictly on your own.
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