Ali and Simbi

Hey Guys! I hope everyone is alright! I agree that I vamoose quite often; recently actually; with my woeful inconsistency in this art. I apologize and promise to try as much as possible not to be found guilty of nonchalance again. If I were to give a reason for my absence, I won't. It's really … Continue reading Ali and Simbi


Nigerians And Their Sick Superstitions

I laugh every time I hear people complain about the way things are here in Nigeria. How can we move forward when our thinking is backward. About the topic, be not deceived. If I'm to list or talk about every single one of the superstitions in this blessed country, I probably won't finish until Dan … Continue reading Nigerians And Their Sick Superstitions

All Guys are the same??!

'All guys are the same'. To be honest, my heart does a backflip anytime I hear women say this. It's quite unfair how they generalize after one guy messes up. The fact that one guy did something bad or hurtful to you doesn't mean ALL guys would do the same thing. And cos of this … Continue reading All Guys are the same??!

Why SHOVEL Won’t Change His Avatar

What’s happening? You guys okay? Hopefully, yes. I didn’t feel like posting so soon but some of you indirectly forced me. And then it’s my job to keep you happy. So Here’s todays bants. Many times, people ask me why I’ve been using the same twitter avatar for so long. Because of the large number … Continue reading Why SHOVEL Won’t Change His Avatar

How Shovel Sees It – Sarcasm

Hey People. What’s up with you guys? It’s been a while since I last dropped something here, almost a week now. Who liked my honesty? I’m talking about my last post. Two posts back, I promised I was going to show you pepper because of the way you people are and I did justice to … Continue reading How Shovel Sees It – Sarcasm