My Very Efficient Alarm

This past year has been one of my most challenging years. There have been times I found myself in situations that kept me up at night thinking 'What if?' 'How?' 'Why?'. There have been times I made mistakes whose consequences would heavily affect my life negatively. Somehow however, things got better every single time by … Continue reading My Very Efficient Alarm


NYSC SZN: Actually Serving – Part 3

It's quite clear that the time you spend going to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), going for CDS on Thursdays or whatever day of the week your Local Government (LG) decides and living in whatever city/town/village said LG is located makes for the main part of the whole NYSC scheme; after all, this is … Continue reading NYSC SZN: Actually Serving – Part 3

NYSC SZN: Redeploying – Part 2

Personally, staying in Kaduna wasn't off the table. I considered the idea when I saw my state of deployment. My mum however, well... Half considered actually since I had things I needed to do that required  me being close to Lagos.  Even though redeploying was definitely in my future, we didn't actively seek out methods … Continue reading NYSC SZN: Redeploying – Part 2

NYSC SZN: Camp – Part 1

It's NYSC szn!! Scrolling down my Twitter timeline and seeing people celebrate getting their desired states, others crying because they got states they didn't know were real, and the commonplace requests for survival tips, advice and general information, brings back memories. I was there just under a year ago. I won't bother with the political … Continue reading NYSC SZN: Camp – Part 1