The Greatness of Nigerian Music – Tekno Miles

He’s an Alhaji and he’s a Ninja; his name, Tekno Miles.

His stage name. Tekno. What a guy! The fact that no one can think of a good reason to justify that name making sense shows intellectual profundity on Tekno’s part.

tekno ninja 2

Tekno has been around for quite a while. He was discovered in 2013 by Nigerian Comedian, Julius Agwu when he performed ‘Onye Ne Kwu’, his remix of the wise Ice Prince’s hit song, Oleku at an event in Abuja. In this same event, he met Iyanya and some other guy this scholar doesn’t know and became friends with them. Iyanya and said guy encouraged Tekno to move to Lagos to further his music career which he did. Tekno was signed to… yeah, this preamble is boring; let’s discuss his musical genius.

His stock would eventually rise after the release of hit singles, ‘Duro’ and ‘Wash’ in 2014 but ‘Pana’, the worldwide phenomenon released in 2015 can defined as Tekno’s caterpillar-butterfly moment.

Tekno is a beast, a lord, a ninja. He has the formula. And it is hard to deny that he isn’t one of the biggest on the music scene in Nige.. the world actually now.

His music is so deep, and most times, lit. However his ways are suspect. The man is almost always talking about one woman or the other (different women) which suggests that Tekno may be scum, but good scum because he shows diversity in taste. He’s been involved with Folake, a yoruba woman; Diana, most likely a woman from Rivers state since they’re the ones that bear such names, Samantha, an Igbo girl obviously, and a Genevieve whose tribe isn’t known, for now.

Tekno’s scuminicity™ aside, he is a man of great lyrical sagacity. It takes the average mind at least 27 listens to understand what most of his lyrics mean.

“Eh Baby, dibi-daba-diba-dobo

“Folake Gimme Love, Na you dey catch my shot”

– Pana, 2016

The reason Pana was very successful is Tekno decided to simplify his lyrics. However, he couldn’t help himself so he had to sprinkle some genius here and there. ‘Eh Baby, dibi-daba-diba-dobo, Adaba-dibi-daba-dede-baba’ By using the letter ‘d’ exactly 9 times in this line, Tekno is advising us Nigerians to secure our (d)efense, and he tells our politicians to stop (d)oing bad things. Had we listened at the time, things would be different now.

And of course, the legendary ‘Folake Gimme Love, Na you dey catch my shot’. What most people don’t know is that Tekno is a basketball fan. He subtly asks the Cleveland Cavaliers to give him Love, Kevin Love. Kevin Love is a good rebounder and so Tekno wants him so he can ‘catch his shot’, ergo rebound. Too woke


“If you likey karaty
I will teach you mathematics”

“You like you gongo aso
Baby girl am nice”

“Other girl dem to the left
Girl you to the right
If you like to watch movies
na me get Shoprite

if it ever gets dark at night
Girl my screen is bright”

– Wash, 2016

Wash was so profound. There are so many messages in this song.

‘If you likey karetey, I will teach you mathematics’. What Tekno means by this is that the Nigerian youth should really be passing Mathematics, as it isn’t as hard as they think. ‘Mathematics’ is also a synonym for hustle. ‘Likey Karatey’ is a play on hard work. Everyone knows learning Karate is quite tough, as it requires dedication, hard work and perseverance. Tekno tells us to display all these qualities related to learning Karate as we go about out daily hustle. A wise man.

‘Gongo aso…….nice’ One for the not so smart. Tekno includes everyone, the wise as well as the not so woke, which is why this substandard bar is in the song.

‘Other girl dem to the left, Girl you to the right, If you like to watch movies, na me get shoprite’. Most malls with a Shoprite outlet have a cinema. Tekno says he will take you to Shoprite but he really means he will take you to see a movie. He doesn’t out rightly say this as he doesn’t want to brag about owning Shoprite. Funds! He always says he is dropping all his hoes, ‘other girls dem to the left’, left, as in he has left them. Amazing guy

‘If it ever gets dark at night, Girl my screen is bright’. This is a very erudite line. This scholar contacted some professors and even they couldn’t explain what it means.

“Your beauty makes me to realize
Say Nepa no bring light”

“If you be Uche, i go look your face”

– Duro, 2015

‘Your beauty makes me to realize, Say Nepa no bring light’. Another tough one. We pray for wisdom to understand.

Tekno is a brave man, a warrior. There is a Nigerian saying, ‘No look Uche face’. But Tekno says here that he doesn’t care and he will stare Uche in the face.

“Nepa no bring light oh,
Generator wan tear my ear”

“I go obodo oyibo, I go dey hurry to come back oh
And when I come back oh, I go dey hurry to go back oh”

“Invest for your country oh, make it a better place
Spend money for your country oh, make it a better place”

“My country people, them go talk talk, them just dey parambulate”

– Rara, 2017

Easily his most conscious and woke song. He addresses Nigeria’s situation. Tekno says he is tired of using generator sets and we, as a collective should be tired as the noise from generator sets is ‘tearing our ears’. A man of the people.

Tekno also talks to Nigerians that want to go to ‘abroad’ so bad. He advises them to calm down because he knows if they eventually go, they would hurry to come back; basically, what he means is, there is no place like home. A man loyal to his country.

The other lyrics in Rara urge Nigerians to invest in our country and make it a better place for the future generation.

Tekno is a gem. With hit singles like Pana, Diana, Yawa, Rara, Wash and Samantha to name a few, he should be protected at all costs. Hash tag he has the formula!

(Side note- research is stress)


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