The Greatness of Nigerian Music (a series) – Lil Kesh

It hurts knowing there are people out there that do not recognize the gift from God that is Nigerian Music.

Nigeria is blessed, very blessed. We can do things other countries cannot do. For example, we are the first country with a President that is like John Cena, you can’t see him. While there are so many blessings to choose from and talk about, Nigerian music is the topic of this scholar’s research.

Over the past decade, the country has been blessed with all kinds of music. We’ve been privileged to be the home of great men and women who give us quality music to dance and relax to.

This series focuses of select Nigerian music artistes and discusses their greatness.

While it does so in no particular order, the first artiste to kick us off is the man himself, Lil Kesh

Without even going into his lyrical genius, we can see from the image above that this man is life’s special gift to us. His hat says ‘World is Yours, Universe is Mine’. What depth? Makes you really think. It would take great philosophers to study and decipher the message such a phrase carries. He holds up five fingers which represents the five pillars of life. Wow!

Lil Kesh came onto the music scene in 2012 but Nigerians weren’t woke enough at the time and so he had to wait till 2014 when our minds had matured to rise to fame. The man blessed us with the song ‘Lyrically’ that year and it sparked a revolution in the country. Since the release of that song, life has never been the same for Nigerians. While there is no tangible proof of this, it is advisable to just believe it. I mean, do you really need proof to recognize good stuff?

Mr Lil Kesh is really something. Let us discuss his lyrical genius. Every single line of his carries depth and displays genius, and so it would be a very tasking to break every single one down. Also, this scholar is only a human being who doesn’t speak the language of gods so not every line can be understood. Therefore, this scholar will pick select lines his brain can handle.


– All Encompassing


“Lyrically I show no Mercy, na who say make John sin” – Lyrically, 2014

Do you understand what this line means? Because this scholar doesn’t. Such a mind-blowing line. This is one of the legend’s best lines.

“Wo to ba gbo’mo wa o, We le gbe, we le gbo’mo lo”

“Omo yi ba bend down lo select, Nkan Thomos ba erect”

“I want to ri riboribobo bo, Ehn Riboboribobo, Coming through skiboskibobo, Ah Skiboskibobo”

–  Bend Down Select, 2016

Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Descartes and the likes are rolling in their collective graves. The third line features great use of word play. And for the woke, the word ‘Skiboskibobo’ relates with the legendary catchphrase associated with Mr. Lil Kesh

“Aunty Janet, Omo Pastor to’n fa ci…”

“Nibi bai efejoku ni o, efe efejoku ni o”

– Efejoku, 2015

‘Right here, you will dance almost till death’, the interpretation of the Yoruba line that dominates the chorus of the song. Imagine how powerful a mans lyrics would be for them to let you dance almost till death? Damn.

“Flows e legendary, flows ti t’awon cemetery”

“Mo gbo roboskini run wan je bi chicken”

– Cause Trouble, 2016

This song was so good, D.C based rapper Wale had to get on the next flight to Lagos just so he could work with our very own legend. Levels. Many more foreign artistes must have asked to work with Lil Kesh but one can be sure he turned them down as his main focus is to bless us, his people. A good man, a philanthropist.

Every line on Shoki

– Shoki, Shoki remix

This is probably the man’s greatest work. Not because of how beautiful the song is, but because Lil Kesh was nice enough to accompany the song with the now -international dance move, Shoki. You dance it, your mum dances it, great men dance it. Shoki is global. The scary thing about Shoki is that it was given to use by a young Lil Kesh. Imagine what he will bless us with when he’s 50!

Is it because I love you, Semilore, No Fake Love, Shele Gan Gan, Ibile, Ishe; the list of hits is endless because every song is a hit!

Recently, a video circulated the internet in which Lil Kesh made a special announcement which said ‘I quit music. I am now a business man’. The woke were shook. Even heaven was so shook, it rained so hard for 7 days, the city of Lagos was flooded!!

Words cannot define how awesome Lil Kesh is. Or how powerful the concept of Lil Kesh is. What word can you use in describing a man whose talent and wisdom knows no bounds?

hashtag Skibo!


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