Isn’t God Good?

Well well well, life is good. All things really work together for those who love God.

I returned to working today(yesterday now) and it’s already been one of my best days ever. Although, I’m writing this post at 7:29am and work technically hasn’t actually (well, wrote now since I didn’t post it immediately) started but hey.

Coming back, I’m technically not a new guy. And so I made every new face around know that I knew how things go here. And can we take a moment to please appreciate the good Lord for the influx of women into the place. I don’t have ovaries but something in me was definitely vibrating. Beautiful ladies everywhere.

If you know me, you know me and short lived joy are like

(Yeah I couldn’t find that picture of that old man uno, placing his fingers side by…. Never mind. Sigh)

But not today. Today is my day. Today, I smile. All this happened at the head office. I should mention that I wasn’t going to be working here but at one of the branches elsewhere which had only males; like not one females and wait, now that I think about it, why am I happy please?

I was supposed to resume since Monday but I fell ill so I had to wait till today. Hold it, I don’t like all those get well soon, are you okay brouhaha so just hold it

I’m only here to collect my letter before returning to my men-only branch but I definitely wasn’t going to leave without causing some trouble.

If you’ve been here for a while you’ll remember this guy. I want you clicking so you’ll have to click that link to remember who (☺☺). While greeting everyone and relplying their ‘you’re done now, congrats, what next’ questions/comments(literally, and I shit you not, 2 people, TWO! No love for a brother guys, 0 love), I ran into our guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know a word to describe the tension in the air at that very moment but it was something like that shine shine that appeared between Naruto and Sasuke’s eyes that time they  fought.

But because I’m Yoruba and my mum spiritually slaps me when I don’t have respect, I greeted him. He responded positively before proceeding to -mistakenly say, and I quote ‘Can you get me *confidential* from HR?’. Hello sir, graduate speaking, who doesn’t work for your ‘I don’t like you’ head speaking, No… Is what I wanted to say. But I ended up saying ‘Oh? Sorry, I’m in a hurry. And I don’t work for you by the way’. Cool right? Or not. Well it was cool too me. And then i walked away smiling. Broad smile. I’ll probably regret doing that sometime in life but God forbid.

It was a  good feeling. Made up for that nonsense he , all the nonsense he put me through last year. Good feeling until that my mum’s spiritual slap I mentioned put me back in my right senses. Unfortunately the person I wanted to see didn’t attend to me early so I had to wait a while in the reception. Our guy came by there and I felt kind of awkward cos he was looking at me and I know if he had his way, I’ll be in three comas right now.

Lol he’s trying so hard not to look at me right now. Ha! 

I’m getting attended to now. Gotta run. But really,isn’t God good?

Wait! Is this my 3rd post in as many days?


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