Don’t Be A Wasp

Some days back at the hospital; while shivering and wondering why I had to fall sick at such a very important time, these two siblings – I guess – were arguing and out of nowhere, one called the other one a wasp. Growing up, I’ve heard all sorts of name-calling but – and I’ve lived long enough- never have I heard a human being call another human being a wasp.

When I got a little better and could finally muster up some strength, I decided to do some research. If memory serves me right, every animal/insect has an economic importance. I remember because Mrs. Amujo destroyed my backside during one class when I couldn’t list three economic importance of termites.

And so the first thing I did was google ‘economic importance of wasps’. Different articles came up and I wasn’t seeing anything so bad about being a wasp—- until, many pages down the line, I came across this picture


If there’s anything the internet has taught me (hello Twitter), it’s that pictures are more reliable than any scholarly article or write-up, don’t ask me how.

From what we can gather from the picture above, it must be terrible to be as wasp. Rather than talk about how unfortunate wasps are, which would be me basically repeating everything in the picture, I want to get one or two things off my chest.

So, mosquitoes. If wasps are terrible, mosquitoes must be I-don’t-know-the-word. Those nonses literally do nothing positive. Asides play Beethoven next to your ears and make sure you don’t sleep well, and oh, give you Malaria, I can’t think of anything they’re useful for. First thing I’m doing when I get to heaven is ask God why? Why did you have to create then Lord, why?

After all my research, it is safe to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t be a wasp. And if you get called a wasp, you must be really terrible. Really. It’s up there with being called ‘arindin'(If you know, you know).


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