Class-Seminar-Workshop Thing

Prompt: Seconds -Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glo- rious detail.
Sheraton Hotel Ikeja; I wish someone had warned them. The second they accepted Masterclass’ request to use on of their spaces for a class-seminar-workshop thing, they didn’t know they had messed up big time.
I was in SS1 at the time. These guys came around and spoke to us about some science-y stuff. They didn’t have all day so they informed us that there was going to be a class-seminar-workshop thing later in the month and that interested individuals could register to attend. Yes, we had to pay a fair fee because nothing in this country is free.
They had caught my attention when they mentioned Forensic science. It wasn’t a dominant aspect in the class-seminar-workshop thing but there was going to be a Forensic Science class. A part of me has always loved forensics. Had things gone differently, that’s probably what I would have studied. Unfortunately, condition and one or two other things hindered my dreams.
Convincing my dad to register for me was quite easy. He’s equally always been interested in forensics and the other topic that was to be taught at the class-seminar-workshop thing (renewable energy -Solar energy(it wasn’t really popular at the time).
The day for the class-seminar-workshop thing came finally. I felt elated. All the excitement would eventually die down when the coordinators used the first few minutes to ask nonplussing questions my relatively empty brain couldn’t comprehend; at the time.
The class was really nice. They spoke about solar panels, solar energy and even gave every one of us our own solar panels and other components so we could make solar chargers for ourselves. The forensics aspect was awesome. After running us through the basics, we were divided into groups and assigned a case to solve. Yes, we cracked the case. No, my group didn’t win.
Altogether, it was a wonderful experience. If it had ended there, I would have been satisfied. But when life decides it’s going to spoil you silly, it spoils you well.
We were about leaving when the coordinators told us we were to go down to the restaurant for lunch. Before we could ask, she mentioned it was free.
Trust boys to run downstairs. To further (for lack of ‘perfecter’ phrase) burst out heads, it was a buffet.
At the time, I had only ever been privileged to be at a buffet once. It was at the airport in Dubai. They had delayed our flight by over 7 hours and so they gave us free passes for food at their restaurant to compensate us. God bless Emirates Airlines. However, we got kicked out (sort of) after I took about 23 sausages (no jokes) amongst other things. I was going to be out of their country in like 2 hours so no embarrassment


I’ve always been wild. And so have my guys too. Oh, I forgot to mention it, we were about 10 that turned up for the function. About 6 guys from my school and the rest from other schools around. And there was only one girl too. So basically, no one had a concrete reason to act tush; nobody to impress.
Sheraton Hotel Ikeja will never forget that day. I’m sure they pull in lots of profit daily and all but I’m confident they still haven’t recovered from the damage we did that day.
Boys are wild normally. Nigerians are wild normally. Secondary school students are wild normally. And people who get free food are wild. Now imagine one person falling into all categories at the same time. That was us that day.
I don’t eat pork but these guys put a full pig on display for interested people to cut out of. I cut a massive chunk out because I can and didn’t eat up to three spoons(forks doesn’t sound right). There was this gizzard pepper soup available too. Ultimate LOL. They had to refill the pot roughly every three minutes because of the way myself and my friends made sure our soup bowls were never empty. Sounds sane and normal but we did this while concurrently, or simultaneously ~whichever works~ eating rice, chickens and for crazy people like me, Eba too.
Everything tasted like gold.
Like achieved dreams.
Like Champions League final goals.
Like happiness.
Like trophies.
Like free WiFi.
Like ladies in white dresses.
Like a lady wearing glasses.
Like spending time with someone you love.
Like playing seasons and winning almost every match.
Like winning a million dollars.
Like winning two million dollars.
Like reading a Dan Brown book.
Like FC Barcelona ❤💙
Like winning a World Cup.
Like… the list is endless but I have a life to live and things to do now.
On behalf of everyone that attended the MasterClass in 2009, I humbly apologize to Sheraton Hotel Ikeja. Is it too late now to say Sorry?


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