How I Met Your Mother

Prompt: Flangiprop! Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

I believe in fate. Not from the beginning however, but now, after all that has happened, I have no reason to doubt its existence.
When you ask a couple how they met, it’s usually a funny story, sometimes an awkward moment, and other times, a plain, normal story. Ours is(was) different.

15. That’s how old I was. Waiting for 3:30pm had never been this boring; 3:30pm was the time stated for boarding. My dad and I were going to Eritrea because we felt like. To pass time, I turned on my DS and started playing Mario Kart.
Mario Kart is still one game I will love for life. We’ve been through a lot together. From the lonely late nights,  to those times I had to wait hours in the car for my mum while she ‘merry-go-rounded’ markets on Saturdays when I stupidly asked to follow her ‘out’. Good times.

Donkey Kong had just hit me with a red shell and my character, Luigi, did that pre-programmed silly flip characters  do when they get hit by a power-up. I came second in that particular race.

[We always played PvP in school since many of us has DS’s; I won most of the time; that’s by the way]

For some reason, I searched for a game online(Bluetooth-ish technically for geeks that may want to argue); something I do randomly, believing one day, someone would coincidentally have created a game and was waiting for me to connect. Today was that day.



I had seen silly gamertags across the platforms I played on; XxArchranicxX, TheRealDot, RunRunRun and some other really dumb ones, but Flangiprop?  Sounded like a virus.

I connected regardless. Ordinary virus. Flangiprop accepted and the pre game processes began.

As usual, I was using Luigi and his blue car. As if the gamertag wasn’t a big enough joke already, Flangiprop was using Princess Daisy. I would have understood if it were Princess Peach, but literally no one uses Daisy. And to make things ‘odder‘ (odder is a word here which means ‘more odd’. I use whatever words I feel like; leave me alone), Flangiprop was using Bowser’s alternate vehicle.

This was going to be a very easy match. I thought.

The race started and everything was going really well for me. I was at least +10 seconds ahead of Flangiprop by the middle of the 2nd lap.

All these good signs and you would think I had the race in the bag. Well, I didn’t.

Mysteriously, Flangiprop came from nowhere and overtook me. Yes, Stupid-GamerTag won that race.
And the one after that. And three more after that.

‘FLIGHT 037, Eritrea, now boarding at gate 7’ boomed over the PA system. I was so relieved because the successive L’s made me cry a bit. And now i had an excuse to stop collecting L’s like Meek(love him though).

We were third in line at gate 7. It looked like not so many people were going to Eritrea. Who goes to Eritrea anyway? The boarding process was smooth. No hassle.

I was still fidgeting with the seatbelt while thinking of what movie(s) I would watch to pass time as the flight duration wasn’t so short when this girl sat next to me.

She wore glasses. I love glasses. The glasses was all I cared about. All of her other features or accessories didn’t appeal to me. Put on a pair of glasses and have long hair and you have me in your pocket. To further arouse my curiosity(and love. Yes, I fell in love), I spotted a pink DSi in her right hand.
She didn’t speak to me. I couldn’t say hi anyway cos I was shy to death. She sat and flipped open her DS.

A familiar tune started to play.
Mario Kart.
She was about exiting to the main menu when I saw Princess Daisy doing a victory lap with ‘winner’ written across the screen. And then the race details popped up.
1. Flangiprop 02:12:47
2. LordShovel 02:28:02

‘You’re Flangi’
Sorry, that was my son recounting how he met some girl earlier today. Oh? This is suppsoed to be about how i met my wife? That’s pretty easy, I met my wife on Twitter in the dm’s 🙂


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