Many of us have a big problem but we have no one to tell us.

The other day, on my way back from class, I bumped into a friend I used to be really close to months back. ‘Hi!’, ‘Hi’, finish. That was all. We didn’t say anything more.

I got back to my room and after one demonic team in FM wrecked and demolished my team and got me sacked, I crawled into bed and started to cry. Cry on a low though, as a hard guy.

The tears stopped flowing but I was too weak to get off my bed and do anything so I lay there, put Magic’s No Way No on repeat and let my mind drift.

The ‘friend’ I had encountered earlier in the day came to mind. I still don’t understand what happened. We used to be mad close but for some reason, we just drifted apart. It’s worth noting I had no intentions; just a platonic something.

The whole thing got me thinking. I can’t be the only one that has noticed how ‘relationships’ come in phases. Relationships in this context focuses specifically on the platonic kind; just to be clear – again 😐.

It’s a rather unfortunate thing uno. Thinking back, many of us have met quite a number of people. The way it goes, you meet people every day. For some of them, you guys are just ‘Hi’-‘Bye’-dazall friends, for others, you’re just guys; you talk occasionally but never really ‘talk’, but with one or two, you’re close friends. Close in the sense that you guys relate a lot; like you’re mad tight. You talk about all sorts, you get to know a lot about them, that kind thing. I won’t bother including a category for my boys cos they’re blood 😭❤💙.

With this (those) one (or two), it’s looking like you’ll be guys for life, or at least for a long long long time. Only for you guys to magically drift apart and become regular ‘Hi’-‘Bye’-plix-be-going friends to wow-we-used-to-talk? friends. Just like that.

Your brain will be trying to do the math and just when you think you’ve found the answer, you’ll meet another set of people, single out one or two unconsciously and the same process repeats itself.

I have concluded that there can only be two possible reasons for this nonsense.

ONE – Something is wrong, very wrong, somewhere, obviously

TWO – We all may be mad but we don’t know

I lean more towards reason two though.

Sucks cos after you drift apart, it’s like nothing happened. Like ho……… Sorry. I have to go now. Athletico Madrid just offered me a job. See you later



3 thoughts on “Phases

  1. I understand that feeling. So many people that I thought we would be friends till the of time I can now go weeks even months without talking to them . I guess they were just friends for a season……


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