Why I Started Using Facebook Again

Ever since I came across Twitter, I abandoned Facebook because it wasn’t as interesting as this new social network where one didn’t need to worry about posting pictures or have to reveal one’s real name and could conveniently say whatever came to mind.

Sometime during the last week, a speaker came to my school and she said a lot. I wasn’t really listening cos I was occupied studying for my Quantum Mechanics test which by the way turned out to be really good. It was when she mentioned money I stopped trying to determine the probability of finding the electron in the ground state of hydrogen within 2 Bohr radii of the nucleus…. Yeah, I probably lost you there.

So basically, what she said, or no, what I heard was, ‘I’m making money from Facebook’.


Trust your boy to immediately lo-gin to Facebook. Emi Seyi

I wasn’t ready for the sudden rush of nostalgia. Had to just stare at the screen and soak it in.

Good times.

I still know my way around so I started to add everybody and anybody because money must be made. I even put up a picture and it got 20+ likes in no time


Anyway, I’m back now. I want to make money too.

Wait, now that I’m thinking of it, how exactly do I make money from that place again?


4 thoughts on “Why I Started Using Facebook Again

  1. Kai!!!! Because of money!!!! anyway the woman’s talk was quite informative, I really should have taken notes cos I remember nothing. Maybe when you make the money you can help a sister out. 😊😊😊😊😊


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