Guess who’s back! Or not…


First of all, let me start off by shaking my head.
19th May 2015; that’s the last time I was here. I actually don’t feel bad uno cos I had already accepted my fate and concluded that it was all over. The way things have been going, I’m mostly tired all week and during the weekend, I have to catch up on stuff to watch and games to play. Then there’s twitter, always having one or two things to make man carried away; so there really hasn’t been time. From what I explained however, it’s clear there has been a lot of time and I’m really just a lazy thing but hey..

Just so you guys take it a little lightly on me, let’s all just assume I’ve been working on something; a story actually. I’ve always wanted to write a story, like a sensible one. The people that are writing stories, they don’t have two head, unless you’re this guy

:):):)****no picture available**** :):):)

So sometime in the future, when I finally do complete writing a story, you’ll be the first to know.
Because I can’t leave without ‘gist’, I’ll just update you guys on how things are going in my life.

I’m done with my Industrial Attachment. Somebody shout hallelujah! Stress levels bout to reduce drastically. I’m so so excited, like you guys can’t understand.
The anticlimax of the whole thing is….well….a picture says a thousand words so here we go


Cry with me please. I used to be a millionaire uno but Mr. Biggs meat pie is not something you’ll just turn your head away from.
So for now, mans just gonna stay home and pretend I want to be home. So if you call me, asking us to goan chill, I’m probably gonna tell you I have mad chest pain, or my grandma’s sick and I have to watch her, or I’m trying to meditate and discover myself, or whatever when in reality, eez kondishun


Well that’s that.

Oh yeah, another thing you should know unlike all you big boys and girls, I don’t have my own motor car (But then really, how many of you have?). I’m still saving and as you can see, the progress I’m making is looking like Tyga’s relationship decisions; confused.

By Gods grace, I should be back here soon. Lol you probably shouldn’t believe that though

Let me just drop this on my way out





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