This is Technically a Waste of Your Time

I’m Tired Of This Shit


Naah, you definitely didn’t guess right. It’s traffic, Lagos flippin’ traffic. A journey that should naturally take 30-40 minutes magically turns to 2 hours or 27 days because Lagos traffic doesn’t give half a shit of mans feelings.

A wise man once said, ‘ To pass time, do something’.


You’re gullible. No one said anything like that, I made it up. Heck, it doesn’t make any sense.
Anyway, since that fake quote sorta carries a little wisdom, I shall be doing something relevant with the hours and days of my life that Lagos traffic steady sucks away.
This relevant thing will be a kind of series. Yeah, my consistency here isn’t the most dependable but I feel you shouldn’t be worried cos Lagos traffic is ever present. Although, as I’m writing distin, the road is unusually free. Maybe I shouldn’t go on with this


Just joking; I will.

Off topic, it’s worth noting that I’ve grown to love this green frog that for some reason has a facial expression for every single thing. His name is Skibo. Yeah, that Kesh guy knows him to. Were g’s though.

As I was saying, this series thing will be called #TheTrafficDiaries. Name isn’t bang but I suck at titles so manage that one. It was either #Afu…. I’m better off not saying that.

Since I can’t vouch for my consistency, actually I can but there will be days where I purposely won’t do anything relevant, posts under the series will appear bi-daily (I don’t care if this word exists but it rolls of the tongue sexily :)). Well damn, the hold-up’s begun again.  On some occasions though, I might drop them daily but that’s for me to decide.

So far, the wise ones among you, which obviously means none of you will have noticed that I’m kind of really excited. I am, but that’s a story for another time.

Off topic again, just in case any of you see me anywhere over the next few days, kindly slap the devil out of me cos I literally bit my tongue on my first word to this high-grade light skin next to me. Oh gods of fuck up, why do this to me?,


By the way, sorry, there won’t be a story or anything to follow this introduction; asin in this post. I’m busy thinking of how I’ll balance with Assassins Creed Unity soon (First title in the series I’m playing playing cos I hated the last one I did). I know, I’m carrying last. But is it your last?


Anyway, that will be all for this post. Leave me to go and start asking God to send cool stuff my way so I’ll have stories to tell. In case you’re wondering, I’m not done sharing Death’s Diary with you. But due to some recent confrontations by her, (Thank God for God) I had to strategically time when the pages can appear here. Been studying her internet movement.

So till next time guys. One more thing, again, I need suggestions. I want to stab work on Thursday so I get a four day weekend. Anyone with reasonable ‘excuses’ should please epp me. Your response will be highly appreciated. And you never know, if I love your excuse, I might give you one million dollar pounds.

Namaste 🙏

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