The Girl in the Purple Dress

I haven’t dropped anything in my comfort zone for a while now and so today, I won’t be doing weird like the past two weeks or so.

This is a story from a while back; From my first days at Uni.

I remember how going to Uni for the first time was. Haha, I’m lying. I don’t remember cos there weren’t any feelings. I won’t bother with unnecessary details though and go straight to the point.

If there’s a memory from my first semester in Uni that would never leave my mind, it would be the one about the girl in the purple dress.

If you think this is a romantic something, prepare to be disappointed

I wasn’t familiar with the school environment. I had been there a couple times prior to getting enrolled there but I never learned my way around.

The way my school is set up, lectures started the same week we resumed. At least I think so cos that’s what I remember.

It took eternity to find where my first ever lecture in Uni was going to hold. I was with some friends though so I knew if there was any form of embarrassment that came with getting to that lecture late, I wouldn’t suffer it alone.

Luckily, we found the place about 10 minutes to the time for the lecture to start; and because 100 level, everybody forming initial gra gra, and stuff, the place was full.

First lecture was alright; GEC 117. We didn’t learn anything cos all we did that morning was choose course reps. Stupidest procedure ever uno. We basically selected the guys that were in suits and the babes that were more attractive, out of the aspirants that came out that is.

As I said earlier, first lecture was alright. What I didn’t tell you is that it wasn’t alright all through. About an hour in, my stomach began to complain. I ate a lot of nonsense the previous night so I really wasn’t surprised. I got up, stepped out and began to walk.

And then it hit me.

I didn’t know where the toilet was.

While holding the stubborn thing and asking upandan, I finally found the place. The one I was directed to was located awkwardly; kind of open, and it wasn’t gender specific. But ki lo kan me. The desperation was 🔥 and so I got in and proceeded to do my business.

It didn’t occur to me that the door could be opened anytime initially but once it crossed my mind, I positioned myself awkwardly in a way I would continue doing my business and hold the door shut.

See, I hate being uncomfortable when I’m doing my business so I said a short prayer, stating how I wanted to have an uninterrupted, calming session but just before I could send the prayer up with an amen; I saw the light. And purple.

Yup, light.


Before I could recover from the shock of seeing the door open, a girl I couldn’t identify because of the darkness stepped in and stared at me.

It had been 8 seconds (cos I was counting) and this bitch (no apologies) kept staring.

She had them curves though; darkness can’t hide those. And she wore a purple dress.

After an awkward 13 seconds, she finally stepped out. I didn’t hear footsteps fade out so I knew this girl was waiting for me.

I think I cried. I didn’t have any form of reputation yet and this girl was going to help me start Uni with embarrassment.

I won’t say how I had to wait for an hour or so till there wasn’t any sound; or how I tried to find the girl in the purple dress so I would kill her and hide her body; or how I covered my face; or how I didn’t tell any of my guys till date; or how I’m scared this girl has been seeing me for the past few years and smiles cos she knows I don’t know she knows I don’t know she’s the one that had the purple dress on and came into the toilet that morning.

I still don’t know who it was obviously. But in case you ever see this



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