This is Technically a Waste of Your Time

I'm Tired Of This Shit Naah, you definitely didn't guess right. It's traffic, Lagos flippin' traffic. A journey that should naturally take 30-40 minutes magically turns to 2 hours or 27 days because Lagos traffic doesn't give half a shit of mans feelings. A wise man once said, ' To pass time, do something'. LOL … Continue reading This is Technically a Waste of Your Time


The Girl in the Purple Dress

I haven't dropped anything in my comfort zone for a while now and so today, I won't be doing weird like the past two weeks or so. This is a story from a while back; From my first days at Uni. I remember how going to Uni for the first time was. Haha, I'm lying. … Continue reading The Girl in the Purple Dress

Death’s Diary – Page 2

Owing to the events that transpired exactly a week ago, I have been experiencing an unusual , uh, paralysis so to say. Ever since I lay my hands on that odd looking book with eerie content, at the most unexpected times at irregular intervals, I get this feeling inside me and I lose control of … Continue reading Death’s Diary – Page 2