It’s High time I Join the Beard Gang

Prior to the events of this morning, I wasn’t one to be bothered about growing a beard. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t bothered because I couldn’t grow one. Some of us aren’t privileged to be blessed with much hair facially.
I admire beards though. Some beards look really nice. Unfortunately, for now, I can’t have one.
Due to this forced ‘unbotheredness’ regarding facial hair, whenever the topic of a beard came up, I refrained from such and stayed in my few strands lane.
It was all going fine, until this morning, after service to be precise.
So normally, when I’m ‘merrygoranding’ the roads of Lagos, struggling to keep my sanity because some bus drivers are crazy, avoiding the endlessly recurring potholes, driving defensive because the next driver might not be normal, I always avoid a particular route as police men usually position themselves there and since I have license problems, I prefer to avoid police wahala altogether by passing a different, but longer route.
I got into police trouble one time and I had to part with some money that could better my life  in these days of the naira playing rough with the dollar.
A family friend (Lets call him Qwerty) is staying over at my house and so today, we decided to split the driving stress by agreeing that I’d drive us to church and he would drive back. Not that there’s anything difficult or stressful about driving to and fro but why should you be relaxing while I do all the maneuvering.
On the way to church, as usual, I took the longer route. Qwerty asked why I didn’t take the shorter route and I shamelessly explained to him. He giggled, sigh.
Church was good.
After church, we began to make our way back home with Qwerty behind the wheel. We got to this intersection where I’d normally go right to pass my longer route and left leads to the shorter but riskier route. I noticed that Qwerty was trafficating left and so I told him that were supposed to go right.
That’s when he uttered the sentence that has ignited a burning desire to grow a beard in me

‘My beards’ got me covered’

I believe that one day, brethren, I shall be privileged to utter such a sentence. Please include me in your prayers.
That’s all for now. We shall see, the next time I decide to randomly appear here.
Have an awesome week!

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