Best Service Ever

Instead of beginning by greeting you, my readers, I will delve straight into the ramblings of today because I’m too excited.
Yesterday was a very bittersweet; or sweet-bitter™ since the bitter part came at the end of the day.
The day started off as every other Sunday does at home; wake up early, struggle through the regular morning activities, try my best to avoid my sister so she doesn’t make me take pictures of her (pictures I never get photocred for and can’t seem to ever complain; lightskins have supernatural powers uno) etc. This Sunday however, the running away from my sister part wasn’t included cos she returned to school the previous weekend.
Permit me to deviate. It’s been a tough week. You see, I haven’t lifted a finger to cook since summer. My sister was really nice this Christmas break and she handled every foodical™ need of mine. So of course, it been tough to take care of those needs now that she’s not around. On Saturday, I woke up, expecting to be ordered to handle some annoying chores before getting fed; but this particular morning, no show. Worst Saturday ever.
Deviation complete.
Where was I? Sunday morning.
We got to church about 5 minutes late. Praise and worship was nice; I expected a routine Sunday. Little did I know a good laugh was looming, few minutes and 1 seat in front of me.
After the praise and worship, we were asked to take our seats and the sermon began. It was a packed and lively one. At the end of the sermon, after one or two announcements, the choir got on the stage and began to perform.
Seconds into their performance, a little boy, 4 years old I guess, was acting restless and made a lot of noise. The noise was really irritating but no one complained cos these little children are hard to quiet plus, heritage of God, so.
Trying to balance the choirs song and Mr. Mans noise was a really tasking something. I kept checking the time hoping service would end so I’d get out but time seemed to go slower than usual.
The little boy also appeared to know he was making noise and disturbing cos he smiled and looked at each and every one of us that were around him, myself included. I said a quick prayer to God that He ‘handles’ this boy for me.
God answers prayers and He answered mine, and we were in His house so the answer came really fast in the most unexpected way ever.
The boys mother must have gotten really irritated too. I’m guessing she has anger issues cos the way she slapped her son, I was scared he was dead.
Yes, The answer to my prayer came in a very hot slap. Igbati buruku! I’ve never seen someone strike a child that hard. The slap had was more intense than my wishes for Joffrey Baratheon to die a terrible death; and that was a really intense wish 😶
I didn’t want to laugh uno, because house of God, plus meanness to children, but when little boy looked around again and hoped for someone to say sorry, I laughed senseless. People looked my way but I couldn’t stop laughing. Then the boy looked at my face and I stuck my tongue out and continued to laugh even harder. The whole thing got even funnier when his mum knocked him so he’d shut up with his crying. Funniest 20 minutes of my life. Easily the best Sunday service ever.
The eyes on me increased and most of them looked judgy. I guess I was supposed to feel bad but I didn’t.
Anyway, that’s how Sunday morning went. I spent the afternoon watching Modern Family while I waited for Barcelona’s match against Ath. Madrid later that night. Expectations were shaky uno.
The day was so so so so slow. The match was the last kickoff that day and it made waiting harder. However, the rest I enjoyed was beautiful.
If 2015 holds laughs such as this, it’s clear it’s going to be an awesome year.
8:30pm; I was setting up everything I needed to stream the match. The time of the match finally came and it started. |FCB -ATM |0 – 0| 2:13 |
Last thing I saw on Sunday.
Missed the match.
And that’s how my day went from sweet to bitter 😭😭
Barcelona won though ;);)


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