Sermon Night

I rarely post twice a day but this was forced.
So my sister and my mum happened to appear in the living room while I was watching Rambo.
The way the family is set up, my dad makes us watch movies together, action movies but that was back in the day. No time for such kind of bonding nowadays since everyone is always busy with something. The list is long; many of the Jackie Chan movies, a couple Denzel movies, random action movies but the man is the ultimate Schwarzenneger and Stallone fan. So we all have seen almost every Stallone and Schwarzenneger movie.
Rambo is no exception. Parts 1,2 and 3 remain the most watched movies in my family. I can almost recite every line in all three of them. Okay, that’s a lie but you catch my drift.
So tonight, Rambo 4 happened to be showing. I don’t watch TV much now except football but for some reason, I  couldn’t take my eyes of the movie; even though I had seen it many times in the past.
My sister and mum came into the living room about forty minutes into the movie and began to discuss about preparing for school and all. It was an unusually short conversation this time. Since they had nothing else to do, they joined me to watch Rambo.
I hate watching movies with my mum. The woman never fails to disturb me with questions. Then when she watches a movie, she WATCHES it. She practically enters the movie. It’s always hilarious watching her cringe with every punch or curl up into a ball during highly suspenseful moments.
Today was no different. She asked and asked and asked. Then she cringed and cringed and cringed. I didn’t bother laughing though cos…. I’d actually rather not say.
Anyway, this part came up where Stallone disembodied one of the bad guys. Man sliced the bad guy beautifully and kicked his body away.
And then it happened…
I mistakenly said ‘Beautiful!’.
Brethren, it is with tired ears I write the content of this post. My mother has been preaching to me for the past hour. The movie ended since but she’s still preaching to me, about how violence is bad and all. About how I shouldn’t rejoice at the sight of evil.
2015’s been something so far.


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