My Craziest Week – Part 3

I wasted a lot of time on this part because it wasn't a day worth remembering. Anyway, Friday was scraps. The early parts of the day went well and I will not be saying anything about it. So, fast forward to about 10 minutes past 5:00pm. It was an evening of learning life lessons. Lessons … Continue reading My Craziest Week – Part 3


My Craziest Week – Part 2

Last sentence of Part 1, I said the day didn't end there. Naturally, I should continue from there, however, I would leave that for the next part. Today's part focuses on the events of Thursday 8th January 2015. It was a day I learned a valuable life lesson I intend to live by till the … Continue reading My Craziest Week – Part 2

I Come Bearing Good News

Second post today :'(. Second time this year. I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend. This time however, I will be greeting you guys and I will be making an announcement. Know that greeting you is just so you don't think I'm mannerless. So how are you guys doing this afterning™ (so many trademarks recently … Continue reading I Come Bearing Good News

Best Service Ever

Instead of beginning by greeting you, my readers, I will delve straight into the ramblings of today because I'm too excited. Yesterday was a very bittersweet; or sweet-bitter™ since the bitter part came at the end of the day. The day started off as every other Sunday does at home; wake up early, struggle through … Continue reading Best Service Ever