Ali and Simbi

Hey Guys!

I hope everyone is alright!

I agree that I vamoose quite often; recently actually; with my woeful inconsistency in this art. I apologize and promise to try as much as possible not to be found guilty of nonchalance again. If I were to give a reason for my absence, I won’t. It’s really deep and as bold as Shovel is at the top of this page, I do not intend to dig into anything. *ba dum tis*

Anyway, for me to come out of this really deep hole of a reason, you can suspect that I have decent stuff to share. Enjoy!

I actually first heard about this kind of thing a few years back but I felt it was a joke. Not until I heard of a similar occurrence this past week. If you live in Lagos or have heard tales at some point in the past 5 years, you must have heard about ‘touch and follow’. Touch and follow is basically as the name implies. Individual A touches Individual B and Individual B follows Individual A and obeys all of Individual A’s commands. A friend told me that one of our mutual friends was a victim of Touch and Follow.

A story would best describe the whole scenario:

Two friends, Ali and Simbi. Ali and Simbi are very close friends. (Ali and Simbi are boys. Many of the books I read growing up had these names as the main characters. Ignore the femininity of the name Simbi and accept that Simbi is male here. Writer’s choice).  They’ve always been classmates since Jss1. Even now, they both study the same programme in University. Simbi was a chronic borrower. Mans parents were filthy rich but Simbi enjoyed borrowing. He always had money but he simply enjoyed borrowing. What made this hobby awkward was that he always paid his debts with interest.

As expected, Simbi was owing Ali 14000 naira and the due date to return the money was in two weeks time. Unfortunately and fortunately, Ali got this business opportunity and had to deposit 50000 naira before the end of the week. Things happened and Ali didn’t have that amount on him so he pestered Simbi to try his best to pay before the due date.

Simbi couldn’t; and didn’t.

The next week came and Ali had missed out on the business opportunity. He was hurt bad and this made his angry with Simbi. Boys can be funny at times so I wasn’t surprised when Simbi too claimed he was angry with Ali for reasons the gods will slap Simbi for. Anyway, nothing can come between boys so they still chilled together. There was still pain in Ali’s heart though.

After one of said chilling, they both went to Simbi’s house. When Ali left, he realized he forgot his iPad at Simbi’s house and so he called and told Simbi to bring it along when he came the next day.

The next day, Simbi left for Ali’s house around 11am. No ride, so bus. On his way there, Simbi was approached by a stranger who told him he didn’t know his way and wanted directions. As a nice young man, Simbi gladly explained to the stranger how to get to wherever it was he needed directions to. And then the stranger touched him on the shoulder……….


An hour later…

Simbi is at Ali’s house, explaining how he didn’t know why but he found his legs leading him back to his house, gathering his mum’s jewelry along with all the phones and gadgets in the house; Ali’s iPad inclusive and giving all the items to a total stranger. Not sure whether to sympathize with Simbi or to take advantage of the situation and rant about the iPad as well as the money Simbi hadn’t paid, Ali called me. He recounted the story as Simbi had presented it to him and asked me for my opinion.

I cut the call and didn’t pick till the next day.

This Lagos is a funny place. We really have to be careful and it’s important to pray for God’s protection in all we do. JUJU IS REAL!

It’s both sad and funny at the same time. If you were Ali, what would you do?



Cheers | Beans


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