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Twerk with me people!

What’s up? So yesterday, I mentioned the discovery of  new talent yeah? Well, today, I’m going to reveal it.

I’m an artist. And a very good one indeed. Forget Picasso, Da Vinci and those other dead guys; my talent surpasses theirs and my skills are growing exponentially. I mean, for God’s sake, I’ve made two great masterpieces. No jokes, some art lovers are going to be looking for me to buy them soon.

I’m a nice guy, so I’ll gladly share them with you guys. What does it profit a man to lit a candle and place it inside his toilet bowl? Why shall an artist create greatness on a pastel and hide it inside his wallet?

Before I share these works of magic with you, I need you to understand why I woke up twerking. I feel a good day looming. I’m a year older today (Lowkks) but it’s not that.  I’ve probably jinxed it by talking about it but hey, ‘All In or Nothing’ right.

Anyway, here you go. I honestly didn’t have to make this post but I’m too excited not to

picasso baby 2

picasso baby



If you can’t see the greatness in these, pour hot oil in your eyes and sleep


8 thoughts on “Prodigy

  1. um… the twerkers were really funny… I showed my friends and they almost exploded laughing… I only wanted to find out how to get a shovel in the game called PRODIGY, and this popped up.


  2. LOL when i saw the first ‘diagram’ (couldn’t think of a more appropriate word) I actually thought it was the colourful version of the map of Nigeria. Happy birthday anyway 🙂


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