I stay silent not because I know not what to say but because I fear I know not the perfect words to say Everyone we love so dearly will die ................ eventually Sucks, but it's the bitter truth Beans


I Was Here



       Everyday contributes to a part of your future. It also has everything to do with your past. I think about my actions after every day; I think about the conversations I had and point out things I should have done better or things I should have or shouldn’t have said, making a mental note to myself about changes I should make in preparation for the future.

       Almost every day, people pass through various institutions and establish different kinds of relations with other people. It’s always important to leave a good impression and make a change, such that when you’re done, you can boldly say “I was here.”

       Just a few months ago, I sat at one of the tables in my school’s Biology lab, looking for where I had signed my name. It had become a habit for me. Almost every class, I dedicated a minute…

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