I want to post just poems for the rest of the week cos I hate them and I want to change. No stories; No pointless banter; Just poems. This isn’t one of them though. It’s not a poem… I just felt like centralizing content 

I’ve listened to Pendulum’s Propane Nightmares roughly over two hundred times
That’s what iTunes says
Funny how I’ve never actually taken my time to understand what the words say
So I’m lying on my bed; feeling unusually down
Then iTunes decides it’s time to play Propane Nightmares even though I had Jack Sparrow on repeat
Jack Sparrow makes me happy
The lyrics don’t mean much, it’s just another Nigerian song
But I love it
Something’s tearing me down
And I can’t help but feel it coming from you
– First two lines of the song

I didn’t hear anything after that line
Everything seemed to fade out
It was like the song was speaking to me
Those lines described how I felt
It was like my thoughts poured out in song
Only I wasn’t sure who or what ‘you’ represented

Stressing my mind, thinking about such wasn’t what I wanted to do
So I clicked ‘Next’, hoping iTunes had something nice prepared for me

Out of place, out of space and time
Wide awake, out of papers, I am
Not okay, I am out my mind
Outer space; that’s where I’ve been going
I’m already thinking “Wow!”
Then a couple lines later
I do not feel the fear of falling
I wanna fly
If it all goes well, then I will
But what if I don’t

Most of the time, we listen to music for listening sake
Lol seems that’s what we are supposed to do; pardon me
I feel so bad for overlooking the meaningful words interwoven with the tunes and melodies
This world is strange
How did iTunes know how I was feeling?
And how did Jhené know I would feel that way someday?
(She’s number 3 after Milo and Plantain though)

Weird world we live in

This is a result of those few seconds before I drift into this thing that is really not different from death


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