The Void

Life feels empty At times meaningless I feel lost And out of place I don’t belong here I should just move on But ‘here’ is the only place I know The only place I’ve lived But this isn’t living This isn’t human I’m a shell And I’ll soon crack from pressure Collapsing into sand and … Continue reading The Void


Hugs and Smears

I need to meet whoever came up with that ‘A dog never returns to its vomit’ quote and kneel at his feet. Okay that’s a lie but surely, you catch my drift. First of all, before I go into explaining what anything has to do with a dog returning to its vomit, I need to … Continue reading Hugs and Smears

Fur Elise

(Not one of those Poems) 'Fur Elise'  Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor Sixty minutes of bliss Timeless  and beautiful The product of heartbreak He loved Elise but his love was unrequited So he sat down Used the pain He released the pain of rejection Similar to Footloose dancing Only through a piano Conveyed his feelings through … Continue reading Fur Elise

Nigerians And Their Sick Superstitions

I laugh every time I hear people complain about the way things are here in Nigeria. How can we move forward when our thinking is backward. About the topic, be not deceived. If I'm to list or talk about every single one of the superstitions in this blessed country, I probably won't finish until Dan … Continue reading Nigerians And Their Sick Superstitions