It’s Gonna be a Deadly Semester

Lmaoo Gauge


Not everyone might be able to relate to this; lemme just put it out there. Doesn’t mean I won’t continue.

I’m back in school. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. About the topic, no jokes, these times are gonna be deadly. So this is what happened. One of the guys in management woke up one morning and felt, ‘Hmmm, how about we arrange these students randomly’, then he told his colleagues and they felt, ‘WOW! Great idea!’

Let me explain. Normally, regarding residence/residency/whatever it’s supposed to be, we’re arranged according to our courses. For example, the guys studying ‘History’ occupy a floor or two depending on how many they might be. That way, everyone gets to be roommates with their course mates. I’ve been here for how long, two years in real sense and that method has been working fine. Never complained or saw anything wrong with it.

So you can imagine how confuuussssee I was when I got to school and found out my course mates were scattered all over the hall I’m in.


Oh well, most of us are Nigerians, adapting is one of our strengths. We complain, but in the end, life goes on. So far, nothing has to do with this being a deadly semester so lemme swerve to the main point.

As I said, the ‘wonderful’ people (in truth I suspect one particular guy but *lips sealed*) in management decided to shuffle us. Now, you see someone in Chemical Engineering with someone in Mass Communication. I guess this kind of thing is normal in some places, but not here, so if you’re thinking, ‘What is this one saying’


Anyway, the shuffling was so so random. Some people got really cool guys as roommates. Some unfortunate others got really terrible people. I know someone whose roommate didn’t let him borrow his iron; the next few months will be hell. Smh, a stingy roommate.

As for me, I dodged the bullet. You didn’t think I would come here to write about this thing without bragging about how I got a good roommate.  The only problem with him is that he is a Chelsea fan, but a wise Chelsea fan; Hallelujah! So no friction. I’m so happy. I didn’t get a fat roommate. It is what it is; fat people are hard to live with. I didn’t get a  dirty roommate. And above all, I didn’t get a roommate with ‘rules’.

Oh well, as for those of you that got exactly what you didn’t want



So me I’m waiting, cos I know they’re gonna put some enemies together. The fights, the arguments, I can’t wait. The next few months are gonna be DEADLY!


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