Revenge, Karma, Whatever

Permit me to skip the part where I act like I’m interested in how you are doing and tell you how I’m doing. Today’s story straight out the Life of Shovel is one I want to jump right into. First things first, if you ever went to a ‘standard’ Nigerian boarding school, surely you know … Continue reading Revenge, Karma, Whatever


Diseases, Pa James and B14

Supreme Overlord Az-Rah-Uuh (the 'Rah' is silent) of the 'See-to-it-that Depression-is Everlasting ' Clan, SDC for short (forced the E to be C but hey), is easily the greatest leader the brotherhood has ever had. Since the beginning of his term slightly over a year ago, the great Overlord has never for once failed in … Continue reading Diseases, Pa James and B14

It’s Gonna be a Deadly Semester

Lmaoo Gauge Not everyone might be able to relate to this; lemme just put it out there. Doesn’t mean I won’t continue. I’m back in school. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. About the topic, no jokes, these times are gonna be deadly. So this is what happened. One of the guys in management woke up one … Continue reading It’s Gonna be a Deadly Semester