No Words – The Turning Point

After that conversation with Emmanuel and Rachael, I began to believe dopplegangers existed. I had to. That was the only plausible theory. Quite frankly, that side of the supernatural does not interest me, but it began to after our conversation. I honestly feel uncomfortable recounting the experience but I have to finish what I started. No complications. I choose to convey my feelings through plain simple words.
Before I could react or respond to Rachael’s exclamation, she sat right next to Emmanuel and hugged him. Rachael was obviously too young to be a mother, so I guessed she was his sister or an aunt. She was surprisingly calm for someone who had just shouted when she saw me.
My mind was spiraling uncontrollably. I did not understand anything that was happening. Racheal was saying some really scary stuff to me. She was asking me where I went and why I left. I really wanted to laugh because this young woman had to be joking but I could feel the pain in her words. She could read the shock and disbelief in my face so she blurted out, ‘Is your name not Seyi?’ There was no reason to hide my name and so I answered yes. This was the first time Rachael said my name. With every passing second, fear consumed me. I kindly asked her to explain how she knew me or my name. That’s when the whole thing got real.
Rachael seemed to take offense in my question. She begged me to take the matter serious and that it was in no way funny. I made her know that I was equally as serious as she was. Rachael was close to tears. She began to sob. She began to complain that what I was doing was so unfair. I was so so scared there because this woman was looking so believable.
Well she wasn’t ready to give up so I asked her to explain her story to me. She told me that I was her cousin and that I went missing two years ago. I wanted to laugh to be honest but it would have been rude. It sounded so funny. She went on to say that the whole family had been looking for me and that they cried and cried. I thought this woman was joking because this whole thing felt like it was straight out of Nollywood. But for some reason, I couldn’t stand up or walk away or anything. I just sat and listened and my heart was melting. She went on and on. After repeatedly saying they had been praying, she said ‘the person she was talking about’s’ mum had died a while after their own Seyi had gotten missing.
This was some supernatural bullshit; it had to be. If my own mother told me she experienced something like this, I would definitely break all the rules and hit her.
Rachael went on and on and on about how the depression made different people act funny. She said ‘Her cousin’s’ dad had gone mental because he went through a lot to pay his fees and the money had practically been wasted.
After some more scary stuff I’m so sure isn’t about me, Rachael mentioned something about this person that made me almost believe the whole story. I didn’t, in fact, I probably still don’t believe her story but this was a point that caught me off guard.
Argh, I really want to mention what exactly, but everyone has those details we can only share with a trusted select few. My sincere apologies. I can’t share this detail because I don’t want to answer questions. For the curiosity, I can only say that Rachael mentioned a specific scar from the past, a very, very specific scar.
There was a period of silence. Emmanuel held my hand tight and seemed happy to be around me. I knew they wanted me to say something but I couldn’t. I opened my mouth but the words didn’t come out. Rachael wasn’t the only one crying anymore. I shed a few tears.
Thank God for this random man that called Rachael from across the street. If he didn’t, I still don’t know how I would have parted ways with Rachael and Emmanuel.
I sat there for about 10 minutes and began to think about my life. About how this person she described was practically me and how the loss of the person had affected her family.
The longer I sat, the more painful and scary the situation got.
I found my way home prayed about it and watched a match to clear my mind. It worked.

But now, for the second night in a row, the thoughts fill my mind and make it hard for me to sleep.

Truth?? Or coincidence??


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