Add that to my List

Today was a good bad day. I've never had a good bad Sunday. My Sundays always follow the same pattern - Wake up, church, relax. Every single Sunday when I'm home has been like that. Don't ask me if I ever don't go to church. As long as I live under my father's roof, going … Continue reading Add that to my List


Two In One?

Sometimes, I find myself in the weirdest of moods. It happens rarely before you begin to think I'm a mad person. Anyway, I got into one few weeks back and I ended up writing this. I've read it so many times and I honestly don't get what it is about  (No, I was not possessed) I'm … Continue reading Two In One?

No Words – The Turning Point

After that conversation with Emmanuel and Rachael, I began to believe dopplegangers existed. I had to. That was the only plausible theory. Quite frankly, that side of the supernatural does not interest me, but it began to after our conversation. I honestly feel uncomfortable recounting the experience but I have to finish what I started. … Continue reading No Words – The Turning Point

Why Twitter is the Devil’s Weapon

Children of God, May the devil and his agents never play ping pong with your lives. Say amen. I need to fast and pray. And I need to do so NOW. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. I cannot understand why unfortunate events must occur with me as the star of the show. My story began … Continue reading Why Twitter is the Devil’s Weapon