#ManssThoughts Dear You, I should ask how your day is going but I won’t because I don’t want to care. Instead of beating about the bush before delving into what is really on my mind, I choose to go straight to the point. I’ve been thinking about you. Well, not so much exactly considering the … Continue reading DEAR YOU


Cool Story

Nigeria is a very funny place. After yesterday’s fruitful and fruitless day, I promised myself it’s going to be a loooong time before I get out again. So I decided I’m gonna be playing some games I stole from a cousin. Again, I woke up unusually early. No diarrhea issues today, Bless Da Lord somebody. … Continue reading Cool Story

My Life; Your Entertainment

WARNING: The following content possesses no regard for the English Language as all laws or rules of English were not obeyed. It was not revised or proof-read. It equally has no atom of Chill, is RAW to the core and long. This is not for the easily disgusted, weak at heart, lazy or the 'judging'. … Continue reading My Life; Your Entertainment

A Night Among Nights

It was an unusually hot night. There was no light which was surprising. Since I got home from, NEPA has been suspiciously nice compared to the higi-haga-ishiousness they’re known for in these parts. After half-heartedly watching the England – Italy match, (‘half-heartedly’ because I was distracted by a phone call that turned out to be worth the … Continue reading A Night Among Nights