I’m not even going to lie, I’m not happy. I’m not entirely sad either. Halfway into April and I’ve been through so much. This is without a doubt my worst month this year. It’s been just three weeks and it feels like three months. That’s how lousy the month has been. Naturally, I shouldn’t be bothered much because life is not a bed of roses. Everything that has happened would have been easier to stomach if only the bad and the ugly were all to it. Unfortunately, life deceived me by tossing some glimmers of happiness.

I came into April hoping for an awesome month. It’s examination month and so I didn’t want anything that could get me irritated or angry in any way.

April 1st, I got up from bed early. It was a Tuesday and since it was the week before exams kicked off, most lecturers had wrapped up with their courses so I was in a sense free. The day went well. I spent it preparing for my bulkiest courses. It was a normal day.

April 2nd, another good day, well until I went to the ATM machine and discovered after one try that one of my cards wasn’t working.  I laughed cos it had to be a funny joke. I tried many more times but no positives resulted from my efforts. I wiped the ‘chip’ looking thing on the card and tried again and still, nothing happened. No one was around me so trust your Yoruba boy to spit on the ‘chip’ thing and ‘polish’ it. Well, nothing happened. I couldn’t even vex. My body wasn’t in the mood to get stressed and so I went back to my room and consoled myself with Milo. I decided I’d go to the bank the next day to complain.

April 3rd! Dad’s day! I actually woke up excited. It was my Dad’s birthday. That meant he’d be in a great mood all day. My plan was to take advantage and ask him to forward ‘something’ to my account.  As I decided the previous day, I went with a friend to the bank to complain. The people there asked me if I tried using spirit on the card. I became weak on the spot. Spirit? How? I concluded they didn’t get me and so left the bank and got into a supermarket to buy ice-cream for the pain. I got my ice-cream and got in a shuttle bus back to school. In the bus, I looked down and realized my iPad wasn’t with me. For some weird reason, I wasn’t really bothered. I felt really confident I left it on the counter in the supermarket and the cashier had kept it for me. It looked like a good ‘film-trick’ when I got back to the supermarket and everyone there said they didn’t see anything like an iPad. I’m not sure how I felt at that moment but I know it wasn’t a good feeling. Well, as the saying among some of my course mates goes, ‘Wetin don loss don loss’ I ‘man’d’ up and went back to school. Life had to go on. Unfortunate for me, I had to call my Dad to wish him a Happy Birthday. I called him and tried to sound excited as I wished him an awesome day and asked what the plan for the day was. Well he’s my dad and he knows me well so it was easy for him to sense the weird difference in how I sounded. I tried to lie but I ended up telling him what happened. He sounded calm and that was a sign I really didn’t have to be worried. The rest of the day was mostly filled with my course mates making jokes about the missing thing.

April 4th felt like I went back in time. Normally, the alarm on the iPad would have make noise but that morning, nothing sounded. It was then I remembered I had lost it. I went to the ATM to withdraw. It worked. I felt like a complete idiot because all the times I tried before, I picked ‘savings’ where I should have picked ‘current’. It was then I concluded that the devil is a mad person. The idiot clearly needed me to go to the bank so I’d get my iPad lost. I wanted to kill myself.  My plan was to buy lots and lots of ice-cream, biscuits, and Twix to eat and forget my sorrows.

The remaining days of the week were supposed to be okay. Life went on as expected until that Tata Martino idiot conveniently led Barcelona out of every single trophy chase. Man I was pissed. That Bale’s goal made me weak. I decided to give up on football because through-out that week, all it did was bring me pain. Thank God for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool who made me smile as they flattened every team they faced. YNWA. That was the only positive that week.

The next week came and it was time for exams. I had papers on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The paper on Friday was my supposed toughest, most evil exam. The papers on Monday and Tuesday were great. I spent the whole of Wednesday and Thursday preparing for Friday. Friday came and the stupid exam was just toooo cheap. I was pained. I felt like I had just wasted my whole life. For some weird reason, right after the paper, my brain seemed to shut down. I began to feel like I was done with all my exams for the semester. I still had many papers to write but it was difficult to get any motivation to prepare for my remaining papers. I didn’t have a choice though, failure is never an option.

Anyway, the next week came and this was where everything got worse. For some unknown reason, my ATM card didn’t work anywhere. It was a general problem for people with cards from the same bank as me. This caused me to live without cash. I don’t eat much (here sha) so it wasn’t much of a problem initially. But when the thing went on for the whole week, everything got real. The dearth of cash slowly got depressing. It got way more depressing when I got a message from my mum about money she transferred into my account. I wasn’t sure what else to expect from April.

And then, what do you know? It was time for this Easter programme that held every year in my school. Normally, we’ll have to walk a long distance, four times a day for four days but this year; the arrangements for the programme were extremely convenient. I had a good time. It was an okay run of days. Although, from nowhere, I developed this anguishing pain in my neck.

Now, it’s Tuesday and life goes on. I’m here; still cashless and I just heard the POS machines are not working so I’m in deep trouble. Neck’s hurting like I’m watching Mufasa die over and over again. Exams continue and I just don’t feel like working up my brain. I had a paper today and it was okay. A brother came back smiling until I remembered I had two papers on Friday. You know those kinds of courses where you need to know so many formulas. Those two courses are that kind. Now, I have to fill my head with countless derivations I honestly don’t care about, multiple formulas that can’t change Manchester United’s season, and silly values that won’t help find that missing plane and still convince myself I can kill both exams. The illiterate that constructed the time table casually put a one hour space between the two papers so there won’t be any time to brush through. Oh well, that’s the life of a Physics student after all. I won’t say I didn’t hexperrit.

I have to get back to studying now. I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. I hope you lot have an awesome ‘remaining days of the month’. Follow @SeyiSoneye



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