Oh?! So It’s About The Arms Now

Brethren, people of the world lack respect o. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to be pissed or confused right now. See me o. Yesterday afternoon; I went to cafeteria 1 to get something to eat. It was about 2pm so café was almost empty if not for a bunch of couples, a wannabe … Continue reading Oh?! So It’s About The Arms Now


January 27th 2002 – Part II

"Did you feel that?" I asked the whole room. "Whoa! What's happening? The house is...." "Flip to Channels", Dad said as he interrupted me. I wasn't ready to stop watching KND but Dad sounded really serious and so I obeyed. The lady on the news was reporting a bomb blast. None of us believed. I … Continue reading January 27th 2002 – Part II