What’s popping people? Popcorn shey?!
Lol don’t judge me. So i woke up this morning and the weather was AWESOME. Dunno why, but it found myself actually leaving my bed and preparing for my 8am class. I ended up not going though but I left much later. I’m regretting leaving that bed. Anyway, I’m partly happy I did cos while I was in this extremely boring, soul-piercing lecture, one really funny thing that happened a while ago popped into my head, like popcorn 😦 I’m too happy yo. It’s not a long story so I’ll be brief and then I’ll pop-off.
It was a painful experience but funny regardless. I was in Jss3 at the time. Well SS1 actually cos that was the summer after Jss3. I had just discovered I had a birthmark on the middle finger on my right hand. It was a rather queer thing. Not queer-gay, but queer-odd. Trust me to flaunt my baby. I didn’t know of anyone else with a cooler spot for a birthmark although I recently met someone with a birthmark on her lower lip, attractive something.
During one of the summer days, myself and a cousin went to a party. I saw many people I knew. We got there and began to eat anything we could lay our hands on. After eating, I lay on a couch and nursed my hurting tummy. In my laid position, I put my right hand up and started to admire my birthmark.
And then out of nowhere, one tall, dark guy grabbed me, pulled me off the couch and pushed me against the wall. It was Damola. One evil demon that lived close to me sometime back. I didn’t understand anything what was going on until the guy gave me a hot slap across my face. It was then I shouted, “What the hell did I do?”. I regretted asking though. Thanks to an even hotter slap but this time on the other side of me face. I didn’t want to cry cos my crush was in the room. But the slaps were really hot. So, regardless of how hard I tried,I found myself crying like a girl that was getting raped by fourteen horses and shouting, “Why? Why did you slap me? What did I do?”. Mucous flowed out of my nose as he continuously rained heavy slaps on my face. Seriously embarrassing stuff. I think Damola realized that I actually had no idea why I was getting slapped because he dropped me. He told me to explain why I’d been waving my middle finger at him for about 5 minutes straight. Well, in my defense, he asked for it and so I lifted my right hand and waved my middle finger in his face.
I’m totally convinced what I did was a really bad idea because the last thing I remember seeing was Damola’s fist. I think he punched and kicked me all over cos my body hurt when I eventually regained my consciousness.
I still don’t know where I went wrong. All I did was admire my birthmark. The most painful thing is I never got to let him know about the birthmark.
Well that’s the end of the story. Now I’m careful with how I look at my birthmark or show people because I don’t want to end up almost dead like Lil’ Wayne’s ca……never mind 😉
Have a great day people, and follow @SeyiSoneye


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