How I Faced My Greatest Fear

What’s good people? I doubt anyone of you is as excited as I am. See, sometime last week, I decided to step up, to face my fear, to confront my demons. You guys remember that great and powerful gay rapist? The one I told you about here on Val’s day? You’re free to go through it if you never saw it.
So I got up on Wednesday feeling really confident for no reason in particular. It was a lecture free day so I went about my hall aimlessly, looking for trouble up and down. Most people were still asleep since there was no reason to get up early that day.
Anyway, the highlight of that day came later. Sometime in the afternoon. As expected, a brother got hungry. The ceaseless rumbling of my tummy was an indication that I had to eat as soon as possible. And so I decided to go to Cafeteria 1. To get food obviously.
I got there and it was surprisingly empty, kind of. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving because I didn’t have the strength to struggle on lines and stuff. Pointless banter aside, I got my food and it was time to get me self a drink.
Something you guys should know is this; ever since my encounter with that guy, every single time I step into Cafeteria 1, I look around and try to see if I can spot ‘The Rapist’, especially the drink counters. If I sight homeboy, I try my best not to step into his line of sight. Yup, I’m always on some Splinter Cell and Hitman shit when he’s around.
So that day, I think the devil personally organized things. As I said two posts back, Cafeteria 1 has two drink zones. Well, on that day, the devil made one of the drink zones pack up. So that meant one thing. If I was serious about getting a drink, I would have to face Le Rapist. His zone was the only place I could get a drink.
The reality of what I would have to do struck me too hard. I sat at a table and began to think. Nothing scares me like rape yo. Different scenarios played in my mind. I first pictured the guy jump across the counter, lift me on his shoulders and take me to a corner where I got annihilated in like four thousand different ways. The next scenario wasn’t so bad. I saw myself surrender myself to him. He carefully pulled me to the back of the Cafeteria and gave it to me. Bruh the final scenario was hell. This guy actually walked up to me, grabbed my arms, tore my clothes and gave it to me with reckless abandon, right there, in the middle of the Cafeteria, on one of the tables.
A voice in my head told me to run away as soon as possible. I began to leave and then my head sparked. I whispered ‘No’ under my breath. I thought about it. This oppression could not continue. He couldn’t possibly rape me, hopefully. Especially not in front of everyone. I mean, I was playing it too safe all this time. I shouldn’t have feared him. No fag can be that crazy. Or horny. I pray.
And so I turned around and began to walk towards him. As I got closer to where he was, I pleaded the blood of Jesus repeatedly. A couple steps later, I was face to face with my demon. This guy was the only extremely scary thing I had faced after I broke my dad’s laptop some years back. He looked at me and I looked back. I had a stern, serious face on. The kind those big soldiers you see once in a while walk about with. There was an awkward silence for about five seconds. I broke the silence by telling him to give me a bottle of ‘zobo’. I could sense the authority in my own voice. I was shocked, excited and proud of myself at the same time. He threw a shocked face at me. I kept glaring at him with my serious face. He finally gave me my zobo and it was time to pay. I thought back to my last encounter with him. I recalled how he grabbed my arm when I stretched that 500 naira note at him. This time had to be different. I made sure I had the perfect amount to pay him so I wouldn’t have to waste time to wait for him to give me my change. And so, I took step back, zobo and food in my right hand and a 100 naira note in my left. I took in a quick breath and threw the note at him. I wanted him to think I was ready to fight him if he tried nonsense and so I stood on that spot for some seconds and frowned at him. When I felt he got the message, I turned around and walked out like a boss.
Man I felt like a king as I walked back to my room. And that is how I faced my fear, how I stepped up. This doesn’t change much though. I don’t intend to test him some other time.
It ends here. Have an awesome day and follow @SeyiSoneye.


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