Morning! Afternoon! Evening! Happy New Year! Happy New Month! Happy New Everything in fact! It’s been a while and I owe you so many greetings, so there you go.
Wow! 14 days into 2014 and it feels like it’s been a month. For me though. Anyway, I hope it’s been a good year so far. Making progress on those new year resolutions and goals I hope?
A lot has happened these few days. I can only thank God for even giving me the privilege of getting into another year.
To be honest, there’s really nothing specific to talk about. So I’ll drop a minute rant.
Did you see how my Barça brethren dominated that World XI? Chai! Were bad like that.
Oh yeah, I’m back in school now. Nothing extraordinary has happened so far. Everything’s the same, asides the people. Turns out most of us were touched by God during the holidays. Touched in the sense that our ‘bear bear’ is becoming quite visible. Err…by ‘us’ and ‘our’, I was actually referring to yours truly. What else? What else? Yeah, is it just me that has noticed that there has never ever ever been a boring episode of The Big Bang Theory?
With that said, I’ve come to the end of my mini-rant. I honestly pray and hope you have a great year. And of course, expect more from me. I have this indefatigability to be excellent at everything I do this year. You can now go back to whatever you were doing. I’ll simply go back to laying on my bed, depressed and crying now that Bieber has retired. Or has he?


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