Nigeria vs India : The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Heyyo. Thanks to laziness, I won’t be writing today but I’ll share this really good read I came across today. Lol We all Must Have Heard This! Enjoy!


Growing up as a kid I heard enough lies, myths and Zobos as some people will like to put it. Once a classmate even had the guts to tell the whole class in Primary 4 that he had a WHALE! at his back-yard swimming pool. That almost caused a fight as the argument that broke out was almost as devastating as those seen when the National Assembly come together to discuss National Issues.

When it comes to the sports myths, it gets worse. After what I heard years back, i am still searching for the video of Jay Jay Okocha that sees him dribble all eleven members of the opposing team one after the other (twice) before scoring what would surely be the greatest goal in German football as the goalie in that game was Oliver kahn #Wunderbar.

But the greatest of lie has to be that of the…

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