This Life Though

I’m back again. This is going to be a very brief something.
As each day passes, I see stuff that gets me thinking. The world is a very funny place.
One night in school, I was tired of staying in playing FIFA. Majorly cos I was losing to everyone that came my way. I decided to go out, take an evening stroll and think about my life. I prayed not to bump into anyone I knew because I wasn’t in the mood. All I wanted was to be alone with my thoughts.
So there I was, walking, thinking about my life. I was looking at the floor the whole time when suddenly I bumped into a girl. She had some books in her arm and when I hit her, they fell to the ground. I went down, picked her books and handed them to her. The next thing to do here was to go romantic like they do in movies. By this, I mean stare into her eyes for a few seconds, start a conversation, offer to carry her books as I escort her back to her hall.
But naaaah, I wasn’t interested. This hurt me cos she was one of those fine girls that on a normal day, it’ll take a lot of guts and some luck to get acquainted to. I just handed the books to her, apologized as I walked away and hoped the simple apology will suffice. I continued my stroll but this time I was looking up. There was no way I’d risk bumping into someone else.
About two minutes later, I saw something that really got me thinking. I saw one skinny guy lift one humongasaur-like female. Forgive me but that’s the best way to describe how large the girl was. He lifted her almost effortlessly. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he simply lifted her and dropped her immediately but homeboy held her up for about 5 seconds. I wanted to shoot myself. I was so furious.
I stopped where I was for some seconds and decided to turn back and head for my room. Yes, I was that angry. The annoying thing about it all was that I had seen that guy somewhere else in a scenario almost like the one I’d just seen.

Sometime back, a couple months from that night, I was on my way to the cafeteria from class. A lecturer called me and two other boys to his car. Homeboy was one of the other two boys he called. The man opened the trunk of his truck and told us to carry some wooden seats. Now these weren’t normal wooden seats. They looked really professional. I could tell they were heavy.
I got the first of the seats and was instructed to carry it to the 2nd floor. I sincerely wanted to slap the man when he mentioned the 2nd floor. As I lifted the seat, I let out a loud fart. The thing was seriously heavy. I dropped it immediately and stretched my back. I bent down again and tried to lift the seat. No luck. Thanks to some girls that were passing by, I got the strength to lift the seat on the 5th try.
After a lot of struggling and sweating, I finally made it to he 2nd floor. I couldn’t feel my back when I dropped the seat. You need to see how I cursed the man as I went downstairs. On my way down, I saw homeboy. The idiot was seriously struggling. He looked like he was going to die if he took another step. I decided to form Mr Nice Guy and so I offered to help him. On a normal day, I’m sure he’ll decline but he accepted my offer so fast. We both carried the seat to the room we were supposed to drop it and parted ways. I marked homeboys face and laughed at him in my mind.

As I walked back to my hall, the whole thing played in my head.

The world is a funny place. A boy that couldn’t carry a seat lifted a girl that definitely weighs roughly three-times the seat. It all comes down to interest. Well, It is well with all of us in Jesus’ name.

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