And Here’s the Pepper

No greetings. I’m going straight to the point. Who remembers when I said I was going to be showing you guys pepper in my last post? I’m a man of my word so here it goes.


There are different kinds of pepper. Only God knows how many species exist. I don’t have time to start looking for all of them so I’d just be telling you about the few I know of.

1. Red Pepper


This is probaby the most famous kind of pepper. It can be incorporated into almost any dish as far as I’m concerned. It’s hot but I don’t think it’s the hottest kind of pepper.

2. Green Pepper


I honestly don’t understand the concept of this pepper. Why its green and all. I don’t think it has any special nutrient or any form of hotness. I believe it’s used only to add colour to dishes. Like fried eggs.

3. Chili Pepper


I think this is the one of the hottest peppers. It originated in the Americas. After the Colunbian Exchange, many cultivators of chili pepper spread across the world. It’s used in both food and medicine. I don’t like it though.

4. Ata Rodo


To be honest, I don’t know the real name of this kind of pepper. Ever since I was born, I’ve known it as ‘ata rodo’. I feel it’s the hottest one though. I’ve had many experiences with it. I remember the first time I tried to incorporate it into my cooking. I had just learned how to cook noodles that time (About 8 years old). So after putting a pot of water on the gas cooker, I picked about ten ‘ata-rodo’s’, washed them and threw them into the pot. I sliced some onions, added two pieces of meat and waited for the whole thing to boil. After about ten miuntes, I put in the noodles, waited for it to get done, blah, blah, blah. When it was done, I dished the food and proceeded to eat my ‘masterpiece’.  The rest of that story is for me to know and for none of you to find out.

After that, I’ve come to respect ‘ata-rodo’. Because of it, I have trust issues with other kinds of pepper.

5. Tatashe


Tatashe is a disturbed kind of pepper. I think it’s the yoruba name for chili pepper but I prefer to believe it’s a different specie entirely.

Pepper can be used to garnish almost every dish. The best one is pepper soup. That soup is not normal. I can give anything for an everlasting supply of pepper soup.


(I made that thing you’re looking at)

Life too can show you pepper. I’m going to conclude by telling you guys this:


That’s all for this post. I promised to show you pepper and I’ve done justice to my promise. Were even now. Have a good day! And don’t forget to follow @SeyiSoneye.


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