Silence Has Its Upside

Hello beautiful people. So it’s been a while since I last dropped something here. How are you guys doing today? To be honest, I’m not interested. I really don’t care. Why? You may ask. I just realized most of you, apart from one or two people don’t care about me. As we all know, it’s been a while since I last posted. Most of you didn’t ask me why. Truth is; I was really sick. But hey, none of you care. All you guys care about is reading about embarrassing, painful or ‘funny’ things that happen to me. You might be wondering why I made funny bold. The thing is, most of those things you regard as funny are in no way funny to me. Take my worst week or the Senior G things as an example. Those were not funny in any way. But you guys proudly mentioned me saying things like, ‘LOL’ and ‘LMFAO’. I won’t judge you guys. But I’d definitely find a way to get back at you. Anyway, since that’s how you mean folk want to treat me, I will show you pepper in my next post.

So before I go into what’s for today, I want to re-introduce myself just in case this is your first time here. My name is Seyi. Different people have different names for me but you’re free to call me ‘Shovel’. I’d tell you how I got the name sometime later. I’m male or in simpler English, I’m a boy. Boy because I don’t have ‘bear bear’ yet.

Okay, as I said earlier, you folk only care about the embarrassing, painful or funny things I experience. Because of that, todays post is going to be something in the vein of that. It’s pretty much an embarrassing story. (I know you’re smiling now, God will judge you). It starts here so sit back, in fact, take any position you like, and enjoy.

Sometimes minding ones business is the best way to live. At times, it’s best to believe that saying that ‘silence is golden’. I used to think it was just an excuse people used when they wanted people to keep quiet. But then a recent experience made me change my mind. My story begins sometime last week.

It was a wonderful Tuesday morning. Those kinds of mornings that you’re awake but you find it difficult to get out of bed because of how awesome the weather is. I was still laying on my bed, wondering how the day was going to turn out when my room-mate reminded me about the early morning lecture we were supposed to have.  I checked my watch and there was no way I could make the class in time before the lecturer. I mean, it was an 8:00am lecture and the time was 7:47am. I jumped out of bed, rushed the entire morning preparation struggle and set out for class with my friends.

That morning lecture turned out to be one of those days you get to class about five minutes after the class starts and hope you’re allowed to go in. My friends and I were already tired when we got there and so we didn’t care about what was going to happen. One of my friends was beginning to panic because the class we had was taken by a really mean lecturer. His panicking disappeared when we realized that the lecturer was not in class (Lab actually). The best part was when we noticed the lab was locked. We all let out a sigh of relief, I mean, who doesn’t like a free period? And then it felt so nice meeting the so called punctual students waiting outside the room thinking they were better than us. We were in the same position now.

My friends and I decided to talk while waiting for the lecturer. Fortunately for us, for me actually, right by my side stood a serious OMOGE/ BEAUTY/HOTTIE with two of her friends (one boy and the other was a girl) having their own chit-chat. As I talked with my friends, my eyes were fixed on her the whole time. Her hair was long and smooth. A little part of it covered one of her eyes. Her lips look more than perfect with the nude lipstick on them. She had a red blazer on and a little bit of cleavage exposed. The black skirt she was wearing made her butt look perfect. I just couldn’t take my eyes of her. She was so beautiful, did I say was, ‘she is beautiful’.

So there I was, standing with my guys. I had stopped contributing to our talk and so I failed to notice that all of them had dispersed. So there I was, alone with my shadow, staring at this beautiful girl God clearly took his time to create. There was no one I knew around so all I could do was listen to her voice as she spoke. Her voice was just as beautiful as she was. From the way she spoke I could tell she was definitely an awesome singer.  I wasn’t invited to contribute in the conversation she was having with her friends but I felt the urge to make my presence noticed. I decided to do this by entering the conversation with something that was related to what they were talking about.

Something you all should know is that, before going into a conversation that you are clearly not invited or needed, always ask questions.

Now this girl was talking to her friends about a change on the timetable which affected one of her courses. She was talking about a certain course whose code was 218. I felt she was wrong, and in an attempt to be a gentleman/form James Bond/to be the savior of the damsel in distress, I decided to correct her. I believed she was wrong because the previous day, the lecturer that took the 218 course told us he had shifted the class to 2pm and madam was saying the class was for 4pm.

I was so confident and so as she said the class was for 4pm, I stopped her and said, ‘uhmm Hi, I’m sorry but 218 is by 2pm ’. She replied, ‘No, that’s not possible, I checked the updated timetable this morning and it’s by 4pm. What are you talking about?’  I didn’t expect her to say this and then the tone of her voice had a little anger in it. I didn’t want to back down and so I answered and said, ‘yesterday, the lecturer changed it. I’m 100% sure of what I’m saying and It wouldn’t be nice if you come when the class is already over.  The lecturer might think you’re irresponsible and I strongly doubt that’s in any way possible ’. The smile I had on as I said that was too nice. I felt that was enough to convince her I was right. Almost immediately, she replied saying, ‘Okay, we’ll see. I hope you’re saying the truth but then, I still feel it’s by 4pm. But since you’re so sure, I’d check by 2pm’. Apparently, it had turned into a semi-argument.  I was about saying, ‘Oh cool, I’m Seyi, what’s your name?’ when I saw that the lecturer had entered and was about to shut the door. I didn’t plan to rush in until I got her name but she rushed in without waiting for me to respond. I was seriously pained. I eventually entered the class and sat down. I told my friends about the change in the timetable and about the damsel I had just spoke or argued with. After telling them my experience, one of my not so smart friends who had dozed off already came back to life and said ‘Err Shovel, are you sure it’s the same 218 we offer that she was talking about?’ Immediately, I had a Selah moment. I hadn’t thought of that.

I looked around for someone close by that was her course mate. At this point, I didn’t care about what the lecturer was saying. The only thing that was going through my mind was if I had  made a complete fool of myself  in front of such a  beautiful girl which I had planned to go and do my ‘follow-up’ with when the class was over. One of her course mates was seated directly behind me. I asked him which 218 they offered, hoping it was the same one I was offering. He simply said the opposite of what I wanted to hear.  Apparently, we offered different 218’s.

Immediately I felt a chill in my spine, I was like, OMG, what have I done.  Throughout the class I couldn’t help but think of how stupid I was. I should have asked her which 218 she did, I felt really stupid. I couldn’t imagine what she would have thought of me when she found out she was right the whole time. The argument was actually longer than what I described, but hey, as I said earlier, I don’t care about you folk so you don’t deserve to know the full conversation. If you were nice to me, I might have told you the full thing.

When the lecture ended, I was the first person to leave the lab.

Moral lesson:

  1.  Never contribute if your opinion is not requested for.
  2. Mind your business.
  3. Beautiful ladies tend to cause a serious effect on the male brain.
  4. Silence is truly golden.

That’s all for today. Again, you all are mean. I hope you change. Even though I don’t care about you people, I hope you have a great day. Bye and don’t forget to follow @SeyiSoneye.


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