‘BOOM’…… That was the sound of my head connecting with a floor tile. And then the whole place went dead silent. I’m sure I could have heard an ant moving. With her hands over her mouth, eyes wide open, she stood and stared down at me. I was lost as the look on her face … Continue reading SUSAN


Why SHOVEL Won’t Change His Avatar

What’s happening? You guys okay? Hopefully, yes. I didn’t feel like posting so soon but some of you indirectly forced me. And then it’s my job to keep you happy. So Here’s todays bants. Many times, people ask me why I’ve been using the same twitter avatar for so long. Because of the large number … Continue reading Why SHOVEL Won’t Change His Avatar

How Shovel Sees It – Sarcasm

Hey People. What’s up with you guys? It’s been a while since I last dropped something here, almost a week now. Who liked my honesty? I’m talking about my last post. Two posts back, I promised I was going to show you pepper because of the way you people are and I did justice to … Continue reading How Shovel Sees It – Sarcasm

Silence Has Its Upside

Hello beautiful people. So it’s been a while since I last dropped something here. How are you guys doing today? To be honest, I’m not interested. I really don’t care. Why? You may ask. I just realized most of you, apart from one or two people don’t care about me. As we all know, it’s … Continue reading Silence Has Its Upside