Unexpected Experiences

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Y’all won’t believe what I saw this morning. So I was on my way back from a stroll when I bumped into a guy that had a carton on his head.   The carton fell and all its contents rolled out.  I immediately got down to help him pack. I mean, the guy was huge and I didn’t want any trouble. As I began to pack, I noticed something funny. Okay the carton had biscuits in it, but they weren’t a familiar brand. I brought one close to my eyes and read out what I saw. The name of biscuit was ‘PAKURUMO’. At this point, I was in so much shock and so, as most yoruba people would do, I shouted, ‘JESUUU’. The huge guy thought I was mad and pushed me away. I wish I had my phone with me so I’d have taken a picture. This country is too funny brethren. Creativity isn’t meant to be that serious.

That’s not today’s gist sha. So today’s post is the 3rd in the #SurvivorSeries special. Oh my God! I have to deviate again, so sorry. So yesterday o, I decided to form ‘Big Boy’ and so I took one of my cousins (young boy) to see a movie. So we got there and decided to see ‘The Heat’. I got to the till and asked for two tickets. The guy there was like, ‘two thousand for the two tic………’. I interrupted the guy and said, ‘Chiilllllllllll, I have my id card’. He asked for my cousin’s id and I told him the boy was in ss3 (someone that is in JSS3). And so, I got to pay for two student tickets, that’s just one thousand.  (Its not me that is paying two anything). After this, without meaning it, I asked my cousin if he wanted popcorn and a drink, and guess what, this inconsiderate fellow said yes with a smile. I just smiled back and a tear rolled down my left cheek on our way to the food till (the question was supossed to be a joke). There, I asked for two packs of popcorn and two drinks. The attendant gave me what I asked for and machined my bill. This woman now told me it was all two thousand naira. I immediately checked my wallet. I cleared my throat and whispered to her to repeat what she just said. She gladly told me two thousand again. Two more tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked behind me and fortunately, no one familiar was around. I told the woman to kindly take one pack of popcorn and the two drinks back, paid for the one remaining popcorn and slowly walked away. My point is, why on earth should popcorn and a drink be more expensive than the fuel that got me to the place? And to make my case more painful, this cousin of mine refused to share the only popcorn we had 😦 It was a cool movie though. Funniest i’ve seen this year.

Well, it seems I’ll have to postpone the 3rd part in the #SurvivorSeries till tomorrow because i’m having too much fun talking about these funny things that happened these past days. Sorry people. Expect part III tomorrow 🙂 Bye. Don’t forget to follow @SeyiSoneye


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