Survivor Series – Part II The School-Father Card/The Milo Revelation

Yoooo!! Let’s skip the greetings and go straight to the point.  But first, I’m sorry if I made you wait too long for this part. If you started #SurvivorSeries, you would know that I’ve been talking about my secondary school struggle. So today, I’m going to be talking about The School-Father Card which goes into The Milo Revelation.

The School-Father Card is just a fancy name for that thing seniors do when they say they’re making you their school son, which in turn makes them your school father. I call it a card because it’s a trick those guys play. Now everything that follows happened when I just got into secondary school, first two weeks precisely. Remember my first week in secondary school? (From Survivor Series – Part I) How it was calm, seniors were friendly and all, well that was when I got my first school father. Now something I failed to mention in the first part of this struggle special is that juniors are always serious learners. Simply put, they are terribly ignorant. And soooo gullible. I can’t possibly think of a way to express the level of ignorance. But over time, they get smarter.

As I said, juniors are serious learners when they first get into school. But my own case was slightly different. I was a terrible learner. I was probably the most gullible newbie ever. I remember how I arranged all my food in my locker just to show everybody I had a lot. And I’m sure you guessed right, they stole almost all I owned (Apart from my garri, a tin of milk and a packet of sugar). I wish that happened before what came next. That’s not my point sha.

Anyway, word on the street (dormitory actually) was that I was the greatest learner and so many seniors became close to me. I liked some of them. I felt they liked me too. Unknowing 😦 . I used to give them food and money a lot. So there was this one senior I really liked. Let’s call him ‘Senior G’. We were close.  Senior G was so nice to me. Unlike all the other seniors, he gave me stuff. He even gave me the spare key to his box and told me I could go there anytime to take anything I wanted (It was empty most of the time). Senior G and I were really tight. I felt a connection (I’m starting to sound gay shey) =D . Some of my friends had school fathers and I was waiting for him to drop the question. Everyday after school, I would go to Senior G’s corner and he would tell me funny stuff about his mates. We’ll laugh and laugh and laugh. In all this laughter, the only thing on my mind was when baba was going to make me his school son. Finally after about three days, He made me his school son. I’m not going to go into detail about how he made me his school son because there is absolutely no way I can describe it without sounding gay.

Once I became his school son, we became even closer. He began to help me wash my clothes anytime I didn’t feel like. he even gave me advise on what to do about one girl I liked (That’s for another day) This went on for about a week and a half. After he felt I trusted him a lot, he called me to his corner. He then told me that the rate of theft was increasing and that the only way to keep my things safe was to keep them with him. I gladly accepted and gave him most of my stuff to keep. I didn’t give him my garri because garri is struggle food and one has to have it around at all times.

Amidst all the suffer I used to suffer, moments with this guy made me happy. Anytime I was with him, seniors couldn’t send me on any errands because Senior G would tell them I was doing something for him. That was my only source of peace and so I was always with Senior G. Everything went fine for a week until I went to ask Senior G for the milo I kept with him.

For those who don’t know, milo is a is a chocolate and malt powder which is mixed with milk and/or hot or cold water to produce a beverage popular in many parts of the world (YEAH, I know all about milo -___-).  This is what it looks like

milo 2

Before I continue, you should know that milo is one thing I don’t joke with. I can do without milk or sugar or even garri and still survive but I don’t fuxx with my milo.

So on this suffer afternoon, I had just finished washing a senior’s clothes. I then went to Senior G to just take milo and chill. I went to his box and noticed that all the things I had kept with him were gone. I laughed and concluded that Senior G was playing pranks. I immediately went to Senior G’s corner and asked him why his box was empty. My guy was now like, ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday ehhn, I came back from school and I saw that my box was on the floor. I now checked inside and the thing was empty’. Mr. Shovel was still weak at this time and so he began to cry. Senior G now went on saying, ‘Sorry, they stole all your provs’. As I heard this, I broke down. I now stupidly asked him for my milo and the guy was like -_____- . Now when I heard that statement, I wanted to kill myself. I just ran to my bed and criiiiieeeedd. Gullible as I was, I believed him. Senior G later came to meet me and told me to forget about it and that he was going to get me some new ones. When he said this, I wiped my tears and went to chill with my friends.

I told one of my friends what had just happened and he burst into laughter. I looked at him in disgust wondering what was funny. After having a long laugh, he stopped and told me that Senior G must have lied about the theft case. I didn’t waste time in telling my friend that Senior G could never lie to me. My friend shut me up and told me that the same thing I had just experienced happened to him just the previous day. He told me he also had a school father and that he kept all his stuff with him. He then went on to tell me that he saw his school father move all his (my friend) things into a fellow seniors box. My friend then said he asked his school father why his things were missing and the guy proudly said someone stole the stuff. My friend, forming ‘James Bond’ (He was more skilled in the art than yours truly), later confronted his school father and told him he had seen him transfer all the stuff to another box. He didn’t need to tell me what happened next as two large ‘coco’s’ on his head and his swollen cheeks were enough evidence for me to guess the end of his story.

After his story, we parted ways. I took a walk and began to think. I thought hard on the next step to take. I couldn’t believe Senior G could do that to me. I mean, we were too close for him to do that. After a long period of brainstorming, I concluded I was going to confront Senior G. I went back to my room and just relaxed on my bed, thinking of the next move. I eventually gathered up enough courage to confront baba. I went to his corner. He was on his bed, probably trying to sleep. I sat next to him and tapped him. I was now like, ‘Emm, Senior G, those my provs ehhn, I saw you when you transferred them to Senior Z’s box. So why did you now tell me they were stolen?………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………now fast-forward ten minutes later………………………………………………………….. Senior G and I weren’t close anymore. I was just there, on the floor, weak and in pain. This guy beat the shit, hell, living day, life, everything out of me mehn. My body felt like someone had dropped a boulder on it. If not for my Milo cravings, I probably would have never known Senior G was a crook.

My point is, if you’re about getting into secondary school, or you know someone who is, don’t fall for the School-father crap. It’s just a dirty trick. I’m not saying it’s bad because I actually did it and there are some really good seniors, but it’s safe not to fall for it at all. Well, that’s my own opinion. Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a nice day people.

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