My Worst Week Ever

I’m skipping the greetings and going straight to the point. I’m simply going to be giving you guys’ random gist. Nothing specific. This week has been unfair. This post is long so you have to chill. So on Wednesday, I hit the right side of my forehead on an iron rod and that part of … Continue reading My Worst Week Ever


This Has No Topic

Hey Hey! What’s up with you all?  You must have noticed that things are looking different. Cool theme yeah?  Of course it is. I was just going through things and I discovered it. I like it. Lemme skip all the pointless things you don’t care about and delve into more important things. It’s not time … Continue reading This Has No Topic

Those Silly Rats

Hey Beautiful People!! Missed me?? Sure you did. It’s been a while since I posted last. My bad. As I said earlier, I’m in school and the number of posts would reduce a bit. I’m so sorry if I kept you waiting for so long. Anyway, since I’m in school, lemme just give you a … Continue reading Those Silly Rats

5 Ways To Get A Girl

Useful Information About Nothing

Heyyyy guyssss! How ya doing? It’s time again to help you waste beneficial time you could use to earn some money! Btw, if you haven’t checked out the first post on my new blog, here’s the link to it #TheAdventuresOfHimAndHer.

Today’s post is gonna actually be useful, so y’all should be really grateful that I’m giving you Useful Information About Something.


How To Get A Girl: Oiz Style

If you’ve ever had trouble getting a girl, have no fear! I have the solution to ALL your problems! Stop wasting time figuring out the girls likes and dislikes! Stop wasting all your money on gifts and all other monetary things to get her attention. In just 5 easy steps, I will teach you how to get the girl of your dreams!


1.     Never Be There For Her: This is a seduction 101 tactic.I’m really serious here…

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Survivor Series – Part III The FINALE

Hellooo!! How are you guys doing? Great, I hope. Before I go on, I have some announcements to make. So I'm going back to school tomorrow and there's a high possibility that I won't be posting much. Don't cry, I'm not saying I won't post at all. I just won't post too frequently. Circumstances could … Continue reading Survivor Series – Part III The FINALE