Youthful Madness

Wassup! Aova! Eyyz! Haha, I just found out people use those as greetings. I question creativity these days. That’s not what’s for today though.
So as I said in my previous post, I have decided to take a step in writing and I hope to build on that decision.
I’ve not really come up with anything to write about, so I’ve decided I’ll just tell you about a really stupid thing I did as a child.

Now before I start, I want you to read this with much seriousness. You should know that it isn’t meant to be a funny story in any way. I also want to explain what pain is. Pain is that feeling you have when you are hurt or when you’re sick. It could also be mental or emotional. For many, pain is a bad thing, but for me, I see it as a good motivator. Well that’s how I saw it a long time ago.

My story starts many years ago. I was young. Well younger than now. My mum told me she was travelling and I told this woman I wanted to go with her but she didn’t agree. I kept on disturbing the woman but she never changed her mind. PAIN set in. Now remember what I said about pain and how I see it as a motivator, well this was an instance when it motivated me.

I was really angry with my mum during the time between then and the day of her flight . Eventually, a funny idea popped into my head. You might think its evil. Anyway, the morning of her flight, I went to her room, searched for her passport, took it and hid it. (I’m a good person). Later in the day when she was about to leave, she began searching frantically for her passport. I was just there, watching Ed, Edd and Eddy, doing that evil laugh in my mind.
God was for me that day, or so I thought.

My mum missed her flight and she had to reschedule. My plan had worked so I decided to return her passport.

After returning it, I continued my ed, edd and eddy. I was seriously laughing as I watched the three boys getting beat up by the Kanka sisters. The coco that grew on eddy’s head was seriously big. LoL. Moving on.

The cartoon had ended so I just sat there, waiting for the next cartoon. Then suddenly, my father came into the room and shot me this piercing scary look (Normally, I’d say dad so know that the word ‘father’ is used in cases of extreme seriousness). I had been in many cases of ‘wahala’ so I was quick to realise something was wrong, I mean, the man rarely came out of his way to check up on me and that single look said enough for me to realise something was wrong. I didn’t want to know what because where I’m from, parents can use their eyes to communicate ideas (mums in particular). I had watched many movies at that time so one cliche movie quote came with such amazing speed to mind, ‘it was the devil’. But the look he had didn’t give me space mentally to even gather courage to utter any words. Before he could say or do anything, I didn’t need to be told that my buttocks wouldn’t remain the same if I stayed longer in the building (know that there’s this thing in science known as adrenalin. As far as I know, it basically makes you do things you probably can’t do normally. In this case, it graced me with supernatural speed) and so I ran to my room, wore two more shirts on the one I had on, threw in my toothbrush and a tub of close-up toothpaste into my backpack, took the money I had been saving up for a new ball and ran out of the house.

I kept on running. I didn’t stop until I was weak and tired. I decided to sit by the road and think of what to do or more importantly ‘where to go’. I knew going back home was going to mean hell and great pain. It was obvious that mr man knew what I had done. I used the money I stole to buy this coaster biscuit I loved so much and capri-sonne. After more sitting and thinking, I was getting hungry and it was getting really late. I gave up and decided to pull the prodigal son stunt. So I slowly walked back home. On getting there, I couldn’t gather up courage to go in so I just waited outside. After about thirty minutes of waiting, I grew a large pair of balls, went in and saw my dad. Immediately, I fell to the floor, held his legs, cried with great strength and told him I was sorry. I confessed my wrongdoings and begged and begged until he told me to stand up. As I stood up, I felt much relief. I was thinking I had gotten away with the mischievous evil I had done.

Now this man organised a nice dinner for me. He gave me Jollof rice and two pieces of chicken, I repeat TWO pieces of chicken. If you grew up in Nigeria, you should know that only ‘daddy’ gets more than one piece of chicken. I ate with a little bit of suspicion but mostly with happiness. After eating, he gave me a full carton of juice. I drank and I was full. I felt so happy and loved that night. But something bothered me. As I was eating, I noticed my dad just sat there, watching, observing, smiling. I eventually decided to lose the thought.

Five minutes or there about after I was done with this unusual meal, my dad shouted my name. I happily went to his room, thinking he wanted to tell me I was going to travel to meet my mom soon or probably something better. When I got to his room, he was standing which was unusual (I’d known him to be laying down whenever he called me to his room). As I stepped closer to him, the man grabbed me faster than lightning strikes and……… At this point, I would like to be different and let you use your imagination to picture what happened for the next hour. I’m only going to tell you that since that day, I have been known to be very well behaved and slow to react when in pain as that night replays in my mind when I am angry. Till today, I do not know how he knew I did what I did. But then, my point is, think ‘HARD’ before you do anything stupid.

So here it is, my first official post. I don’t care if you didn’t enjoy it. Follow @SeyiSoneye . Till next time.

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