Africa vs The Left Hand

Useful Information About Nothing

Heyy guys! I’m pretty sure I’ve offended you by not blogging for a long time…But it’s okay. I’ve offended a lot of people these past few weeks, so if you’ve been offended that I haven’t blogged in a long time…

go fuck yourself

:’) Trademark Oise, to abuse you when you clearly did nothing. Such is life my dear! Anyways, I’m back again to talk about this topic that has been bugging me since I was very small till date. It has remained a mystery for ages now and I’m just here to lay out my problems with people against it.

Africans Vs Left Hand

bad time  

Trust me, it’s gonna be really rough and annoying for you if you’re born left-handed in an African country. It really annoys me how they make life so difficult for people who are left-handed as they face sooo many trials and tribulations. The major issues you…

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