The Lesson Teacher II


“Didn’t you hear me?! Didn’t I just teach you now?!” The lesson teacher said.I had drifted off because the lesson was coming to a close.Unfortunately for me,he decided to give me work to do before he left.I stared at the notebook in wonder.I didn’t even understand what I was seeing.He looked at me in anger and I sent a silent prayer up to God telling Him that if He made the lesson teacher forgive me,I would never drift off again.That didn’t work,because the next thing I knew,he was telling me to stand up.This is the scenario that ensued.

Mr. Bidemi: Stand up!

Me: Uncle please I’m sorry I will never do it again.

Mr. Bidemi: My friend stand up!!
(I stood)

Mr. Bidemi: Come here!
(By this time I had tears streaming down my face)

Me: Uncle please.

I moved to where he told me to stand,all the while pleading…

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