The Lesson Teacher I


If there’s anything a child could hate,it would be having lessons during the holidays,and unfortunately for these lesson teachers,this hate was in some way passed on to them because they symbolised the gruelling hours of learning when we could have been acquiring new skills playing around.I’m sure most of us can relate to this.
Yes,there were those lesson teachers that cut you some slack.They were really nice,understanding and all that.Personally,I liked it when lesson teachers allowed me to play with their phones.As long as they did that,they were officially in my good books. 🙂
When we were younger,my siblings and I,that is,we had this lesson teacher that we didn’t like at all.Looking back now,I realize that we didn’t like him just because he was the lesson teacher.Apparently,this lesson teacher took a liking to me and I was allowed to do anything I wanted while my sister and brother ‘slaved away’…

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